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    Low Frame Rate In Cities. No Reply From Ubisoft About Patch

    I've search the net and hear the same reports of PC users getting under 20 fps in Boston on great gaming rigs. I'm experiencing the same issue and I'm running an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, HD Radeon 6950 and 8 gb ram. I have never come across a game to give me FPS this poor. Infact every game I've played in Max setting usually give me 50+ fps. I originally bought the Xbox version then double dipped and got the Deluxe PC version of this game(don't ask why I bought the Xbox version to begin with).

    The FPS issues doesn't irritate me as much as the fact the Ubisoft hasn't made single mention about a fix in works. Not a **** thing that I can find. Been a hardcore follower of the AC series and for the most part I consider Ubisoft a decnet developer. But some sort of acknowledgement of the issue to show that they actual care would go a very long way.

    My main reason for posting this is in hopes that maybe with enough noise from the community something will come of it. Man, even a "screw you we are not fixing it" would be something.


    Anyways, has anyone found a fix for this or do we just wait for the patch that may or may not come?
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    Here the same with an i7 970, AMD 6990 and 12 GB of RAM. Poorly CPU optimizated game =(
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    well i think its obviously clear, they cant fix it, there silence says as much, you only have to look at the patch notes to see they are in fact either reading these forums or getting someone too, theres no way they dont know by now, console and pc forums filled with fps problems, in the notes they have a fix for the hood thing everyone was complaining about, and thats something small, so theyve obviously thought weve tried and cant do anything, im guessing when they released it thats was the best they could do
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    Please check the ongoing thread:


    If you are contacting Ubisoft Support - they can take 48 hours to reply, which is normal..

    The team are aware of the issue facing some members, however at present, they are still investigating, so any talk of a fix or patch would be premature.

    As soon as there is any official news - either a AMD driver update or a patch from Ubisoft - I will update the above thread.

    Please keep all discussion about frame rate issues, in the ongoing thread, so that everyone is aware of any official posts - otherwise people assume no one is even aware.
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