As the title says

1.Please mark the location of hiding spots like what you did in Assassin Creed 2/Brotherhood/Revelations , for gods sake I don't want to run 2 km wasting my time just to find a haystack but to only just find another redcoat/patriots making me run another 2 km.

2.Please let us customise more controls , there are more buttons on my keyboard compared to a controller. I always die due to one thing , weapon switching . As if you're trying to counter and suddenly you pick up those pesky muskets on the ground then die and fill the whole room with beautiful words.

3.I can't finish covert escort mission , why? Because I decided to finish it after doing the whole storyline quests . By the time the redcoats has left the country and patriots taking over , my assassins weren't up-to-date and decided to wear the old redcoat suit thus causing alot of trouble .

Please look into this and I hope you can fix it.