I loved the first assassins creed games, so I was very excited to get started with Assassins Creed 3. So I started playing the first Sequence, and I noticed a couple of things:

The guy you play as, sir Kenway, walks a bit strange, edgewise so to speak. A thing that really annoys me when I pay attention to it. Luckily when you look more around you, you notice it less.

The game is very detailed, especially the ship. It is really beatiful and you can clearly see they made AC3 from scratch. Though there was a scene when sir Kenway looked closely at the amulet he has, and the details on the fingers were... Rubbish. When you make a game like AC3, a detailed ship, very detailed faces, but such ugly fingers, the first I think of is, what the hell?

In the first scene on the ship, sir Kenway was writing with his left hand. In the other scenes, with his right? Is that done on purpose?

Furthermore a small minor bugs, but not anything big, so can't wait until the first patch, which will hopefully fix a few smaller things. One thing I'm certain of, this game is still well worth my money, and will buy future Assassins Creed and Ubisoft games! Keep up the good work!