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    Plans for a Wii U Bug Patch?

    Sorry if this has been discussed to death already, I tried to search for it but the engine this site uses thinks "Wii U" is too short for a proper search query.

    I've also been trying to research this on the internets myself to no avail- it seems, though, that the PS360 versions have already received a patch and I was wondering if there was word that the same will be done for the Wii U.

    So far I've had allied troops attack me completely out of the blue, with the exception of the large colored sections along the bottom the color of Connor's robes do not match what I am wearing in the cinematics (also watched one cinematic where it failed to load in Connor at all... woulda been funny if the cinematic wasn't meant to be so "momentous")I get destination markers set a few feet below the surface of a street with no way to activate it, I was running around outside of a mission and almost desynchronized because I was "too far from my target", walked over to a rock and fell through the world, and one time I touched an elk and desynchronized...

    There have been a myriad others, just enough to really start to sour the game to the point where I'm going to put off playing it any longer until a patch comes out... IF a patch comes out. :/
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    I also noticed that you cannot activate Eagle Vision while in motion, however, you CAN deactivate it while moving... Revelations had this same problem and, then, I was chalking that up to a missed issue and giving the design team the benefit of the doubt, however if this is how it is actually meant to function that is very, very disappointing.
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    Alright, I'll take that as an "I don't know"!

    Thanks anyway!
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    Connor stands still when activating eagle vision because he has to tap his feet together and chant: "there's no vision like eagle vision". And as for the rest, I'm sure the devs will plan a patch for WiiU in the future.
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    Aha, that makes sense. I forgot that Old Ezio had to stop in order to successfully pry the child safe cap off of the bottle of stimulants he needs to get his Eagle Vision up.

    Guess it's different for everybody ;D
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