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    Sewing Threads - Crafting/Materials PS3

    Like many others I'm experiencing difficulty obtaining the sewing thread required to craft many of the pouch upgrades. I've seen posts online for various sites suggesting that this is linked to the early game tutorial for wagon convoys being attacked as a glitch. Some claim this causes only barrels to be available in the materials aspect of crafting. Some posts have claimed purchasing wool from the the farm stockpile will allow threads to be crafted.
    I have multiple items in the material besides barrels, tried buying wool & my wagon convoy was attacked early on but I made the mistake of it going to save it. I've been able to buy new wagon & naval convoys (3 each in total).
    Does anyone have any input that might allow me to resolve this?
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    It would seem they turn up after sequence 10 - at least that's what happened for me.
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