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    After killing the the Doc and retrieving his eye, there is a door you are supposed to clear with C4. My C4 has apparently disappeared. I have no idea what I am supposed to do.
    If you're talking about the door in the room behind where you get the Doc's eye, you don't need to open that door with C4. It's just and upgrade in there and the room leads nowhere. Turn around and crawl through a vent to the kitchen.
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    I am also having the same issue. Trying to get the last letter and the game is saying I have no c4.
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    Same problem here... I died and my dead body (which turned into a zombie doh) got in a bug so I couldnt kill him. After 2 hours I killed it but was unable to loot the body. Either at that point or randomly my C4 disapeared. I have to get my last Dee's letter, but I have no C4 to blow up the big pile of trash to get to the letter that is behind it.

    No word anywhere on the internet about a fix, I hope Ubi will fix this soon, as I love the game but this kind of bugs are killing for the gameplay lol. No way I will start all over! I'll toss the game in the closet and go play Mario U lol.
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    Im stuck on the same exact part! i used all my c4 on other locations and now i cannot get the last Dee letter in Brick lane. I have survived for over 16 hours now on a single survivor and have not died at all yet! I really do not want to start all over! Why would they have a limit on c4? How are we supposed to know to save them to beat the game???
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    Hello UBISOFT

    Where’s the last c4???????
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    Please don’t tell me it’s another glitch

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