I;ve played all the assassins creed games since they were launched for PC, this has been one of the favorite game series, but this game left a weird taste in my mouth,

It had by far the slowest start to any of the assassins creed games, once you get to sequence 5 it really picks up the pace though. However, some of the characters and missions felt like they were done halfheartedly, or weren't really complete.

the graphics in this game were amazing. The game runs very smooth as well, I was running both a 560ti and then a 660ti(maxed out settings at 1920x1080).
There was alot ot do in the game, almost too much where I wouldn't have minded not having certain things, if it meant others would have gotten more attention. Some quests were spectacularly put together, others gave me the impression that someone said lets do this, they ran out of time, and had a shell of what they originally wanted.

bugs i noticed:

Graphics bugs were frequent, especially shadows, looked like black sprinkles where alot of shadows probably should have been, my graphics drivers were all up to date, 2 seperate video cards as well.

Freerunning was extremely buggy on buildings and rocks(trees were fine). I had ALOT of problems on horses as well, small rocks, or obstacles in cities often made the horse just stop dead.

Alot of NPCs I saw would also get stuck in objects, or fall halfway through walls. Seeing 3 town criers all next ot eachother was also very common.

the addition of certain game mechanics, like quick time events and lockpicking were extremely annoying. the underground was cool until you spend a few hours getting all the fast travel things just to save a minute on horseback. Alot of the side missions like assassination contracts and such felt like they were just thrown in. Infact there was so much stuff just thrown in the game that it felt like there was too much stuff going on, some of it done very well, some done extremely halfassed.

the shipcombat was awesome but the missions were extremely short which was disappointing, for a gameplay mechanic that big to be that unimportant felt like a waste.

spoilers below.
I thought the connor story arc was good, especially at the end, but it felt more like he was just some guy rather than an Assassin. The conversations with lafayette where he invites you to paris seemed like a setup for a future game in Revolutionary France, which would definitely be interesting. I liked how they got back to the essence of the original game, the templars werent clear cut bad guys hellbent on conquering something or other, but the setting.... I live in New England, I've been to Boston countless times, same with New York, I just cant get excited about them even today. Compared to the crusades, Renaissance Italy and Constantinople in the 1500s, this was going from filet mignon to spam. Brick buildings, wooden houses, zero variation, the novelty for me atleast wore off within 5 minutes of the haytham sequences. The lack of any ambient music also made the cities feel dead, even the noise that was there was quiet compared to the other games, the cities did not FEEL alive, they felt cold and dead. So kudos to the devs for perfectly capturing the essence Boston.

I liked the combat a bit more than the AC2 games. No medicine and super easy killsteaks meant you couldnt just run into the entire british army and expect to walkout just fine, there were times where running from combat was a neccesity, rather than just being a way to save time.

The entire games economy felt superfluous, more so than any of the other games. At some point money becomes useless in the game, most of the good weapons you have to craft, and ship upgrades only do so much for you. In the AC2 games, you needed money to spiff up the cities, in this game you just needed ot do missions, and occasionally have a thousand pounds to throw at an NPC, easy money.

The desmond story arc felt like it was actually going somewhere, and then it ended and it felt extremely unfinished. I felt as though I had played a character for 5 games, I get to the end, they kill him, and then set you up for ANOTHER sequel, no closure, very little closure about previous events. The abstergo/templars thing was just kind of thrown in, "oh by hte way you killed 2 guys, and they cant launch a satellite, but whatever lol" the TWCB thing left alot ot be desired as well, all that mystery and buildup from the other games, and then almost ZERO closure or addition to the backstory that wasnt already talked aobut in previous games. throughout the credits, I kept waiting for something else, I couldnt believe that was how the game ended. I understand htey want ot keep the franchise going(and I didn't expect anything less, and hoped they would), but the way they did it left ALOT ot be desired. If I wanted to get strung along and keep spending money on something that never really gave answers, I'd get a girlfriend...

I kept my expectations low, so that I wouldnt be disappointed. In many ways this game exceeded my expectations and I was pleasantly surprised, but in other ways, I was completely let down. Every other game in the series I would gladly pay full price for again, this one... im not so sure I would.