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    Maybe found a new gamebreaker:

    there's a storage room in Brick Lane Flats, next to the one room with a safe. From there you can fall through a vent shaft to go over to Palace Underground. Arrived, go through the transition passage, open the blue door, and stand in a whole in the ground with no way to climb out! And you obviously can't go back either since on the other end you fell down that shaft.

    Weird thing is, I've been there before during the main quest and somehow could go on, but don't remember a different approach. That's been months ago since I'm waiting for the patch due to another bug.
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    Great, I have been wandering around now for 2 hours in the game and tried lots of different things, before I eventually decided to google for it and found this thread.
    What happened to me is the following:
    I was in the Nursery, getting the meds. On my way out I died, standing close to a wall. Then, with the new survivor, I went back to where I died. I found my previous survivor weirdly stuck in the wall. I hit him twice with the bat and he died. Looted all stuff from him, then he strangely disappeared. Now I can't get the meds, no matter what I do. I even killed myself in hopes that the "new" previous survivor would have the meds then, but that too didn't work.

    Still no patch in the making it seems? It sucks to start all over again...
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    Hi and welcome to the forum, this should have been fixed with the last patch http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...eplay-SPOILERS

    I suggest opening a ticket with Technical Support if this is still occurring for you, the link is in my signature.
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    The fact its been 9 years and they never fixed this, and had the audacity to even lie and say they did 🤔
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