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    I'm not racist but is this a bug? (a minor one of course)

    So I was running through New york when I happened across a little market. while walking around I noticed something strangely odd... well 2 things. first there was a white man making out with an african american women. NOW WAIT! I CAN'T REMEMBER FULLY BUT IN THAT TIME PERIOD WASN'T THAT LIKE... ILLEGAL? I'm pretty sure it was, if not. forget I said anything.

    Second I saw 2 white people, wife and husband seeming how they had their arms around each other and they seemed to be disciplining their child. the Child was African American. It just really stuck out as odd to me lol.

    and before you say, that's allot of detail to focus on let me say a few things to you... fainting goats, cat and dog fights, and squishing rats.

    now don't say it's to much detail lol.

    again not racisit just trying to see if that's historically accurate or not.
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    Historically accurate or not, I'm sure there were people back in the day who didn't give two ****s for society's rules and did it anyways.
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    and It`s too much detail..

    Too much limiting on the Programming to render NPCs. not to mention that what you propose will create bugs..
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