So i saw a new glitch and contacted ubisoft support but they havent responded yet, to ANY of my questions, so i may as well put it here for you guys to see. Im putting this because apparently im the one in the internet that knows about this glitch.

When shooting at an animal, or any one shot kill target (with a CHARGED bow shot) such as a regular, the arrow seems to go THROUGH the target. I know this because when i do a reflex shot, i hear the satisying clunck of arrow hitting flesh, but with a charged shot, i don't hear that, and instead i see an arrow bounce off the ground with an annoyingly loud CRACK and fly across the map in ricochete and the target still dies. Sometimes, if a civillian is standing behind a guard, and i shoot him, the arrow kills him, goes through, and kills the civillian, which sometimes desynchronizes me!! This is very annoying. I THINK this is a glitch, its possible ubisoft wanted this to happen. Note: this never happens with a reflex shot. GOD that sound of the arrow hitting the ground instead of a body is so annoying!!

Im sorry if this is hard to understand, and if you dont, just shoot regulars with charged shots. Youll see, and hear.

And please comment if you have the same issue so i know im not the only one!