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    1st DoC World Championship - Round 3 Match-ups and Victory Screenshots

    Dear Champions,

    You are getting closer step by step and are now at round 3!
    You have until tomorrow 9am (UK time) to send in the victory screenshot!
    Don't forget, the forum personal message is the easiest way to get in touch with your opponent (always send a message to his normal account on the English forum)!

    This round will be Best of 3! Remember to post at least 2 victory screenshots

    Link to the Championship brackets board: http://challonge.com/doc_world_championship

    Here is the list of Champions who made it to round 3:

    Annazaar Username WCD_004
    C4r-n4ge Username WCD_007
    Ciolkmen Username WCD_009
    Daevre Username WCD_014
    Dias le rpgiste Username WCD_017
    Frokan Username WCD_018
    Ethylparaben Username WCD_022
    Faulesai Username WCD_024
    Grymko12 Username WCD_032
    If_it_was_You Username WCD_036
    K03k4k Username WCD_042
    Kabanosik113 Username WCD_043
    Karstou33 Username WCD_046
    Le.Rancord Username WCD_060
    Mryth01 Username WCD_069
    MnM_vs_Smarties Username WCD_070
    Osmodan Username WCD_071
    Redgo01 Username WCD_078
    Pjovejas Username WCD_084
    Redmoriz Username WCD_090
    R3tsa Username WCD_092
    Seong-mina Username WCD_098
    Werolt Username WCD_104
    Matrix.disc Username WCD_108
    Wolrajh31 Username WCD_109
    Zenithale Username WCD_113
    Tystax Username WCD_115
    Teokrata Username WCD_116
    Mauver Username WCD_118
    Fortep Username WCD_120
    Blastofek Username WCD_127
    Wazwazex Username WCD_128
    Remember: this thread is only here so you can post victory screenshots. Any other message will be deleted!

    Official Championship chat:

    Please send me a forum message in case of any problems or mistakes with the board.

    Thank you,
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    Frokan VS osmodan

    Winner Frokan.

    GG osmodan thnx for great game.

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    Seong-Mina VS Daevre
    Winner : Seong- Mina
    Score : 2 - 0

    First round :

    Second Round :

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    Wolrajh31 won 2-1

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    r3tsa 2:0 Karstou33

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    Zenithale aka WCD_113 versus Blastofek aka WCD_127 : I won 2:0.
    First game was really hard for me and lasts 12 turns. The second was more easy, with a very good starting hand and good draws.

    Thanks the games, Blastofek!

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    MnM_vs_Smarties [2-0] Ciolkmen

    Forgot to screenshot the first game, but Ciolkmen can confirm this. Also see the IRC chat where he confirms it.


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    Dias vs Redmoriz, le breton gagne ^^

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    Teokrata (2) - Werolt (1)

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