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    Benedict Arnold DNA - missing mission, optional objective or tracking glitch?

    This is a small error, but I'm hoping there might be an answer to this. I recently completed the Benedict Arnold sidequest missions. There were four missions in total, all of them give the 100% completion number on my file when I select the individual memories.

    However, on the DNA grid, above each DNA column, there's a circle that gets filled in based on your completion of all the objectives in that category. I'll just call that the DNA tracker. My DNA tracker for Benedict Arnold is only half-full, despite all four missions showing 100%.

    The question is whether this is because there's some missing mission that was supposed to activate but didn't (I don't think that's the case, as no one has ever mentioned a fifth mission that I can see), whether there was an optional objective that perhaps got bugged out or removed in determining the completion percent of the individual memory percent, but is still somehow reflected in the overall DNA column tracker, or whether it's just a simple tracking glitch and for whatever reason the tracker just does not fill like it should. I'm guessing it's the last one, but am curious if anyone else has had this appear or if I'm alone and everyone else sees a complete circle.

    Two things I wondered about as to whether they had anything to do with this. One is that between the first and second mission (I think it might have been between the second and third), I walked out of West Point for a bit and a soldier came up to me and started talking about needing someone to help him do some things to help out the camp. It didn't give me any sidequest or list, which I thought was weird cause it almost sounded like one of those delivery sidequest missions but without any indication that a quest was there. Maybe it was just ambient conversation though that wasn't meant to trigger anything.

    The other thing that had me wonder is that on the third quest, you get an initial objective to take barrels to a gunpowder storage, with it listing 0/3 barrels delivered at the start. After the first barrel, you get interrupted and it gives you a new objective and drops the barrels as being an objective. I re-did the mission taking all three barrels over to the gunpowder storage anyway then continuing on, but that didn't change anything. Still, it made me wonder if that's where an error has appeared.

    Anyhow, I know this is a super tiny bug compared to some of the others, but it'd still be nice to know what the deal with this is.
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    How did you unlock the starting mission? I input the code and everything, downloaded it twice and it still didn't show up whenever I went to New York. Oh plus when I downloaded it, it also said "No Exclusive content unlocked" :\
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    Oh and forgot to mention I already beat all the single player missions too... So I don't know what's wrong.
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    Well, from what I recall I just downloaded it, and in the first sequence NY was available, there was a quest start area with George Washington telling me to catch spies in Westpoint. When I went to Westpoint, the first quest had some difficulty initiating (not sure why, but I ran around for a bit around a spot marked by the Benedict Arnold sword-quest icon, and eventually the first quest just triggered, though I have no idea how really). Nothing else I can say on that. I'm still hoping that some others might be able to check their files and confirm whether they're experiencing the same little glitch I am with the DNA tracker or whether they did something different and theirs is full, after completing the missions that is.
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