Hey there Assassins!

Since launch, we’ve been meticulously pouring through your comments and discussing with our Forum Managers, Customer Support Representatives, Developers… basically coordinating across every team involved in the creation and maintenance of Assassin’s Creed III, both single- and multiplayer.

With a game the size and scope of Assassin’s Creed III, it has taken an equally humongous community to ferret out the code gremlins waiting to unleash their treachery… but you’ve risen to the occasion admirably and have not hesitated to alert us on every communication channel available to you, be it Facebook, Twitter, our Forums or Customer Support call centers.

Here are just a few of the issues we are addressing in our next patch (which we’re calling the Thanksgiving Patch), due out by the end of next week:
· SINGLE-PLAYER - Returned Connor’s hood to normal behavior at the end of the game (hood remains up when in Frontier or Cities)
· SINGLE-PLAYER - Reduced difficulty of certain chases
· SINGLE PLAYER – Fixed Various visual glitches
· SINGLE-PLAYER - Fixed player spawn points to reduce desynch on spawn
· SINGLE PLAYER – Fixed rare occurrences of glitches blocking your progression in the main story & secondary missions
· MULTIPLAYER – Tweaked settings to improve connections
· MULTIPLAYER – Tweaked some of the abilities and other gameplay elements
· MULTIPLAYER – Fixed some issues with ranking

For a full list of fixes, click this link (CAUTION SPOILERS MAY BE PRESENT IN BUGFIX DESCRIPTIONS):

As stated above, this first patch is nearly complete and we should be rolling it out by the end of next week (provided everything goes according to plan). We will also continue working to resolve any remaining issues that have been reported (yeah, there are a few we didn’t get to in this one).

We’ll speak again before the month is out Assassins!