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    My Progress on AC3 Multiplayer got Reset!

    Hi i was going to play some AC3 multiplayer today and i got the surprise that My Progress got Reset! and i'm doing again the forced tutorials.
    Has this happened to anybody else or just me?
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    Mine too
    Pretty sure it's not April, what happened?

    Really hope they can fix this
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    It happened to me too :/
    I hope they fix this.
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    i was lvl 50 and had bought the styles pack and many other things now im lvl 20 and its all gone ?
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    Me too, i thought it was just a glitch so i restarted my game but no, everything was gone. Hopefully Ubisoft will find a way to restore everything otherwise we'll just have to start all over again.
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    Mine too, I'm not fussed about the level but the challenges I spend a lot of time trying to complete. If they don't restore it then I'm not wasting my time to try and do things again.
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