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    what the hell man

    hello im new here but ive played every assassins creed game there is just to let you guys know.the majority of them on xbox but i do have a ps3 and got part 3 for it its why im here.i love the game but im a little pissed off guys see i live in nyc and went through sandy the super storm so i didnt get part 3 on lunch but i had pre ordered the 120 dollar limited edition and had to get it a week late because of the storm.i was mad it came with so little nothing really special not even a sharp shooter code lol.so i go to game stop and buy another standard copy to get their pre order missions and weapon still nothing special, so i go on multiplayer see the sharpshooter im like got to get it so i do i track down a stor that sells nos get the code and start feeling a little less pissed off.get home pop on to multiplayer start having fun with the sharpshooter then boom some guys playing with a skin or toon i never seem befor no not the red coat ive seen that im a dude so idc about her this new toon or skin was a big *** indian guy wearing a wolf head as a hat and bones down his chest so im like what the fffff get on later that night boom i run in to a guy that looks like he has the sharpshooter but his is all templared out in black and white with stuff ive never seen befor.so im like ok im buy the season pass they got to be part of that right i get the pass nothing no new mission no new multiplayer skins or toons nothing really so now im piiiiiiissed or right boom new skins come out with the event im not even getting 25% off from them or the champions pack full price even thou i have the season pass what the fffffffffff i got to wait for stuff you have already and you selling new stuff in the store and ive waste a total of like 210 dollars on the limited edition and the standadr and the pass and what do i do track down the sharpshooter and do all this and get all that and nothing nothing for the season pass and you dare.
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    im srry im on a rant here but really how dare you not give ppl that got the season pass something anything for getting it imean really im seeing ppl play with toons ive never seen befor not cool man not cool.
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    seriously some one tell me when video games stoped being about gamen and started being about greed and money this is messed up smh.
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    ok guess no one cares that their screwing their loyal fan base smh.
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    i cant even read what you wrote.
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    really why not ????
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    Because it's a massive block of text. There's hardly any periods, no space after your periods, no capitalization apart from the occasional "I". You know, the basic rules of grammar that are learned in 3rd grade. If you can't make the effort to make your posts legible, then why should I put in the effort to read it?
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    really shut up get a life and by the way im on my smart phone fool im not here to impress you with my grammar you little trol go find another bridge this was a rant deal with it you troling chump lol some ppls kids i swear too funny.
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    First Pentapost I have ever seen!!!
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