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    Collectors editions...

    I was just wondering if Ubisoft did any continued dlc incentives to we very collector edition buyers/super fans.I bought the Gamestop collectors edition and I get that the extra sixty dollars got me a cool box, an art book, and a ridiculously awesome statue and Assassin-American flag...don't get me wrong all of that is really really legit stuff. But the in-game pre order dlc was a little disappointing...and please don't take it the wrong way it's just that thirty dollars is feels like a tax for wanting the full content of a game that I tried to get the ultimate version of. I understand that development takes a lot of work and man hours, and that everyones gotta get paid. I guess what i'm trying to ask is if there's any way i can mooch dlc without paying.---- with bonus question why the dlc tax on collectors <----that's kind of punny. Thanks to anyone who can get back to me on this---T
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    You realize that the flag is being sold alone for nearly $50, right? So between the game and the flag, you're looking at about $110 in value. Then you add in the value of the statue, the buckle, and the book. Even if you didn't preorder and gotten some preorder bonuses, you've gotten a massive amount of "bang for your buck".
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    In England we don't even get the flag or buckle, just the statue, diary, steel book and some DLC, oh and couple of prints, plus the cool box, all of this for £80.00 of our pounds sterling which is $126.00 US so count yourself lucky.
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