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    Can easily be narrowed down via IP checks.
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    Around half of the accounts which taken part in this Tounament are new accounts created just before the touney by the people who plays on a mutiple accounts to increase their chances to win. The formula of this Tournament is a heaven for cheaters...
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    Big tournaments like these need more time to prepare.

    It was really naive of the team to think they could pull off something Dreamhack worthy on such a short notice.

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    Maybe yes, maybe no... For example I lost in rond3 to wolrajh31 (by the way, I wish him luck, because it is always more satisfaction when you know, that you have lost only to champion ). I saw that he was 1st in today's tournament (at least last time I checked). So there are still "real" players left

    And I think we should just look at this championship as a first try. Remember it is still open beta (or not?), not the whole world could participate etc.
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    As long as "real" players win the whole thing, multiple account cheater are not major issue.

    Can you point someone in top16 who played as you said?
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    Originally Posted by Ch3rryAC Go to original post
    Can you point someone in top16 who played as you said?
    If this question is for me, then I can answer that I didn't said that there are "cheaters" in top 16
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    Doesn't matter if the "real" players win - this is a big issue, not a minor one. It is possible that:
    - Some "real" players couldn't take part in the tourney because of multi-smurfs.
    - Some players got byes due to being paired with their own smurf.
    - Some players got knocked out by a smurf, and wouldn't be by another, "real" player.

    There is no way that this issue could be seen as "minor" thing. Would you like something like that happen in a tourney organized by you? Would you feel comfortable playing against the same player (under different account names) several times after you have already eliminated him/her? Is it by any means OK to have multiplied your chances unfairly like that? Why don't we all start doing so?
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    It's a big assumption to think, that players from outside top ranks in game, which doing well in tournamet, are cheaters. I'm playing on multiple accounts in game (ethylparaben, vinidrea, eth_und, eth_inf etc. ) and only one of them is 1000+ poins. For me playing on low levels with limited cards gives most fun. But to the tournament I applied one account only of course.
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    That implication was working the other way around. High ranking implies higher credibility - I have seen you, played with you, read your posts on forum - that means that you are a persona with some kind of established existence in our small environment. Account with 0 or 1 posts, low GELO, low lvl in game and small presence in daily tournaments/matches just didn't establish their credibility yet. High credibility isn't something you are immediately granted when you enter an anonymous environment like internet, where taking on a new personas is as easy as putting on a new sweatshirt.

    I think every single account that has taken place in this tournament should be requested a vaild ID proof. If you don't have ID because you are not 18 or whatever the limit is in your country, prove it otherwise.

    And btw, playing on smurf accounts is totally OK. It is not ok to enter the tournament more than once! To whoever would like to defend such behaviour:
    Just try doing it in any other non-online tournament and then tell me your experiences.
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    Originally Posted by Aza404 Go to original post
    Sorry, but once the championship is over, these accounts will probably be deleted.

    But if you get far enough, you've got a chance of getting some really awesome prizes that will make you forget all about these cards

    Hello Aza, could you specify what is
    far enough
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