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    problem with double guns in assassin's creed 3!!!

    i have the double holster for have two guns and i select for example double barrel guns, but at the first loading the game change automatically the guns and i have one guns of a type
    and a guns of another tyoe..why???
    ps i've already download the patch
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    Happens to me as well. very frustrating
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    same here. should get 4 shots, get 3 instead. glitch.
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    Same thing here, had double twin barrel flintlocks but when i leave the area it will revert to one twin barrel flintlock and one single barrel flintlock.
    Do you also get 'Acquired:1 Weapon' every time the game loads ?
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    i also see the message every time that game is loading
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    there are a way that i can write to ubisoft for tell about this problem?
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    I love this game, but:

    non-stop messages about things that I have completed long ago.
    encyclopedia finished, but no achievement
    double gun issue
    some funky map twilight zones / traps
    no ability to replay final mission to see movies
    nothing really to do once the game has been completed
    MP confusing and a bit frustrating (my first AC game)
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