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    How Infernal Pit works

    Added with the patch dated 13/11/2012, Infernal Pit is a place where you can sacrifice your unwanted cards to gain extra gold. There is also an Infernal Card Deal which is changed every 8 hours. You have a chance to win this featured card for free when you make a sacrifice.

    1- How much gold do I earn for sacrificing cards?

    Common: 50 gold
    Uncommon: 300 gold
    Rare: 1000 gold
    Epic: 2000 gold
    Hero: 1000 gold
    Premium: Same with the non-premium version.

    2 - How does Infernal Deal work?

    For every sacrifice you make, there is a chance for you to win the featured Infernal Card. The more cards you sacrifice at one go, the higher a chance for you to win that card. Say, the featured card is Rare. You obtain 100% win chance to win it when you make a sacrifice that is worth 20000 gold. So, if you happen to make a sacrifice worth of 10000 gold, your chances are exactly 50% in this case.

    3- How many cards do I have to sacrifice to obtain 100% win chance on Infernal Deal card ?

    Different rarities have different requirements to reach full chance. Basically, it is the gold value of the card X 20.

    If the Infernal Deal card is a Common: A sacrifice worthy of 1000 gold provides 100% chance of winning
    If the Infernal Deal card is an Uncommon: A sacrifice worthy of 6000 gold provides 100% chance of winning
    If the Infernal Deal card is a Rare: A sacrifice worthy of 20000 gold provides 100% chance of winning.
    If the Infernal Deal card is an Epic: A sacrifice worthy of 20000 gold provides 100% chance of winning.

    Premium cards provide double value in terms of determining your chances of winning the Infernal Deal card. For instance, sacrificing 10 premium uncommons gives you the same percentage of win chance as sacrificing 20 non-premium uncommons. However, they don't provide double gold.

    4- Can I win a featured Infernal Deal card more than one time?

    No. The card disappears from the Infernal Pit when you are awarded with it. A new card will be made available after the timer reaches zero. However, you can obtain the same card at a later date.

    5- Can I obtain every card in the game via Infernal Deals ?

    All cards will be made available including their Premium version.
    The 2 exceptions are: Heroes which will never be offered and Epic cards that will be made available with special events.
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    Any help is helpful, or did you mean any info? ^^ I can speculate though : commons give a few hundred, uncommon maybe up from 500 to 800 and a rares couple thousand.
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    Lol, typo there. I plan to compile the first post into a definitive guide about Infernal Pit. So, any helpful information is appreciated in that regard.

    Actually if you consider that almost quarter of cards are Rare and that you can generally obtain 1 uncommon and 1 rare from a 2000 gold Small Pack (I did a lot of times), I dont see two of them worthing more than 1000 gold together. That means rares will probably go for 500 or 750 for example, and even this may be too optimistic depending on Ubisoft's level of greed. But all this is speculation, I am really curious about those numbers myself.

    Evening cant come soon enough
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    honestly, i´d not take small boosters into account. This is opurely Luck, I´ve opened 10 via Archivements and had 19 Commons and 1 Rare. That´s the truth.
    If a rare is not worth a couple thousand, I´ll not trade them in.
    But I´m also very excited how the numbers will be!
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    well , from other online TCGs I've played the rares are usually around 20 % of a booster's value , but those other TCGs didn't have silly 2 card packs with infernal luck factor :P

    I had A LOT of uncommons from 2 card packs , I can't complain , and a few rares as well .

    but the numbers will be most likely 100 for commons , 300 for uncommons , 1200 -1500 for rares and 3000 and up for epics .

    but it's just pure specilation I am at here . that other game I played had a variable market for cards (but you could also buy them ) so the more people buyed one card , the more expensive it became , and thus it's sell price rose accordingly . I do hope the sacrificing cards for specific cards won't be a let down though ... I hope I won't have to wait ages for those 3 necro rares I still need or that ONE rare spell I still need for my collection xD
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    I think every card should be worth depending on it's power and impact to the game. Some Unique cards are very weak - and they should not be worth too much. Some are most wanted by everyone (like Banshee, Dark Assassins etc.) and they should be rewarded with a lot of gold...

    Also - bare in mind that according to what devs said, the Infernal Pit will not only give us gold but also random cards...
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    Hero 1k
    common 50
    uncommon 300
    rare 1k
    epic 2k

    6k Gold is 100% garantue on the mystic card 2k is 33.33%. Well at elast on this mystic card I see, but it shows u easily

    premium nothing extra
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    btw I guess that not every card has 100% win cahnce at 6k
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    Yeah, now let's see if the 6k cap is different for other rarities. If it is the same for rares, pretty sweet.
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    You can only win the Infernal Card Deal once, have to wait for the card to change for next offer.
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