I have inserted all 3 power sources up to the point where the bridge extends to the giant door you have to get through. So I exited the game last night, came back to play today and it loaded saying that I haven't put in the 3rd source yet and the bridge isn't extended. The second power source is inserted, but the stairs to reach the 3rd is closed and I cannot reach it. There is no action to interact with the 2nd power source and cannot do anything. I have tried reloading, entering and exiting the animus, nothing works. I guess I could keep playing Connor's story and hope it will correct itself, but if I cannot reach the 3rd power source, I don't see that happening.

Any suggestions or anyone had a similar issue?

This has been one of the most glitchy games I have ever played, which is a shame because the story has been great thus far. For $60 and change, the product should have been tested a little better, or at least allow manual save points, so I could go back and only replay a portion of the game and not 24 hours of game play.