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    Multiplayer Event n°1: Revolution [Updated]

    Assassins. Templars.

    We are pleased to announce that Revolution, our first multiplayer event, is coming next week! Below is the Abstergo leak:

    “Revolution is about to explode in the 13 colonies.
    In this period of violence, survival is key, even if that means crushing others…
    Will you be ready to work as a team to defend yourselves and your territories from others?”

    Now for a brief explanation on how events will work in Assassin’s Creed 3.

    1. The important thing to know is that there are only access two ways to access the event. Either by selecting “Events” in the main menu, or by creating a "Custom Match" and selecting the Event as "Game Category". Whatever you will be doing in the other modes won’t be taken into account towards progression for event objectives.

    2. There are three challenges to achieve for each event. Obviously, they vary from one event to the other. Each of these challenges will give you a very special reward… if you manage to accomplish their objectives.

    • Participation Challenge: the only condition for this is to participate in the event at any point before it ends. (Yes, you will be rewarded for this.)
    • Individual Challenge: this challenge requires *you* to accomplish a certain objective. And obviously, the reward for that one is more interesting than the reward for the Participation Challenge.
    • Community Challenge: this challenge requires a massive effort on behalf of the community to unlock the reward – and that one is a very special one. Once community reaches the goal, the community reward is unlocked for everybody.

    Note that it is possible that some events last a bit longer after community has reached their objective to allow for players who didn't get to play during the event to get the participation and individual rewards.

    3. During events, you will see that very special costumes are available for purchase: the Warrior costumes. Each character has one, and they can only be purchased while the event lasts. Once the event is over, you do keep all costumes you've bought though. You can preview the costumes under "Customization" but we also included sneak peeks below.




    • Event starts Wednesday, November the 14th at 12:00 PM GMT (London time) / 4:00 AM PST (Los Angeles time)
    • Community Reward for this event reveals more of the Multiplayer story

    Event costumes preview

    Default characters

    Unlockable characters
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    Nice, I'm pumped. I hope everyone will be able to connect to the servers for this event!
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    Will you be revealing more details before it is released?

    Also, cool stuff.
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    Wow! I bet the reward from first one is major lag or the severs going down so we cant do the other 2! Im so excited
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    Originally Posted by Quirky Jezza Go to original post
    Wow! I bet the reward from first one is major lag or the severs going down so we cant do the other 2! Im so excited
    Hahahahahahaha!!!!XD!WELL SAID!
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    Can't wait.
    Will it begin the beginning of next week or towards the end?
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    It better not be some stupid reward like 2 Abstergo credits or something.
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    I hope the rewards will be a costume for your most used character or something. If it is a costume I hope it's not just a random character.
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    We don't have the Night version of maps yet (which are supposed to be there by default)... So I'd say just like in ACR we'd get those unlocked first via events & then some MP char skins perhaps...?!
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    Oooh! I'm excited for this.
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