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    1st DoC World Championship - Round 1 Match-ups and Victory Screenshots

    Dear Champions,

    The first round is about to begin. We will be posting the list with the match-ups by Thursday night.
    Don't forget to check your private messages and get back to me by personal message in case you have an issue (click on my name "Aza404" and select "Send private message").

    Please find the list of duels here: http://challonge.com/doc_world_championship

    Please find below the list of participants and their Championship account Usernames. Remember to add this username as a friend in order to find your opponent easier.

    Ch3rryAC Username WCD_001
    Abbototor Username WCD_002
    Aenggis Username WCD_003
    Annazaar Username WCD_004
    boliv4r Username WCD_005
    Borri9 Username WCD_006
    C4r-n4ge Username WCD_007
    Kuackillah Username WCD_008
    Ciolkmen Username WCD_009
    Coppelius3 Username WCD_010
    Crocodilu Username WCD_011
    Cromosx Username WCD_012
    Cucu99 Username WCD_013
    Daevre Username WCD_014
    D4rk-Messi4n Username WCD_015
    DanielKurzempa Username WCD_016
    Dias le rpgiste Username WCD_017
    Frokan Username WCD_018
    Electronic_Bird Username WCD_019
    Doontpanic Username WCD_020
    Elkondziorre Username WCD_021
    Ethylparaben Username WCD_022
    F3rr3ira1992 Username WCD_023
    Faulesai Username WCD_024
    Flameingo Username WCD_025
    FourSeconds Username WCD_026
    DjTechShadow Username WCD_027
    Gabdefonte Username WCD_028
    Gero76 Username WCD_029
    Gi419 Username WCD_030
    Gr00bt84 Username WCD_031
    Grymko12 Username WCD_032
    Harmbringer Username WCD_033
    Hecksher Username WCD_034
    HitoriOyuinu Username WCD_035
    If_it_was_You Username WCD_036
    Impishou Username WCD_037
    InkwizytorWosho Username WCD_038
    Keabard Username WCD_039
    Jajocsw Username WCD_040
    Joni-777 Username WCD_041
    K03k4k Username WCD_042
    Kabanosik113 Username WCD_043
    Kaelstrasz Username WCD_044
    Kahirus Username WCD_045
    Karstou33 Username WCD_046
    Kapciuch678 Username WCD_047
    Kameliasz Username WCD_048
    J4ridan Username WCD_049
    Keadlash Username WCD_050
    Keithoras Username WCD_051
    Kielek57 Username WCD_052
    Krelian Username WCD_053
    Knightbob69008 Username WCD_054
    Kirnon Username WCD_055
    Krzychadam Username WCD_056
    Esserterp Username WCD_057
    LaBoule-AG Username WCD_058
    Lady_Cass Username WCD_059
    Le.Rancord Username WCD_060
    Lavern0 Username WCD_061
    LaskoS07 Username WCD_062
    Leora1993 Username WCD_063
    Mkghost Username WCD_064
    Mylo-75 Username WCD_065
    MeoKhaarn Username WCD_066
    MaximPain Username WCD_067
    Mikesak1983 Username WCD_068
    Mryth01 Username WCD_069
    MnM_vs_Smarties Username WCD_070
    Osmodan Username WCD_071
    MrGimli32 Username WCD_072
    LordMaldazar Username WCD_073
    Mrgumak Username WCD_074
    Mukembe Username WCD_075
    Nosindika Username WCD_076
    Muroszczacz69 Username WCD_077
    Redgo01 Username WCD_078
    Monkeykwan88 Username WCD_079
    NimaamiN Username WCD_080
    Ophiucus182 Username WCD_081
    Terrocorne Username WCD_082
    Piotr2323 Username WCD_083
    Pjovejas Username WCD_084
    Nicroz Username WCD_085
    Poia95 Username WCD_086
    Radu850411 Username WCD_087
    Rdendr Username WCD_088
    Rypacz_Tardow Username WCD_089
    Redmoriz Username WCD_090
    ReNask Username WCD_091
    R3tsa Username WCD_092
    Selverin Username WCD_093
    Shukfir Username WCD_094
    Shambell Username WCD_095
    Skilthiryx Username WCD_096
    Singerete Username WCD_097
    Seong-mina Username WCD_098
    Spirito82 Username WCD_099
    Superpapyx Username WCD_100
    Szotyi1974 Username WCD_101
    Trupiciel Username WCD_102
    Thewojtek Username WCD_103
    Werolt Username WCD_104
    Traert Username WCD_105
    TyRoonEr Username WCD_106
    Vladgunnar Username WCD_107
    Matrix.disc Username WCD_108
    Wolrajh31 Username WCD_109
    Yavinn Username WCD_110
    Ycshek76 Username WCD_111
    Zzfab2012 Username WCD_129
    Zenithale Username WCD_113
    Jacksmaker1 Username WCD_114
    Tystax Username WCD_115
    Teokrata Username WCD_116
    Alukard Username WCD_117
    Mauver Username WCD_118
    Ultrabear Username WCD_119
    Fortep Username WCD_120
    Zizzi85 Username WCD_121
    O_S_T_R_Y Username WCD_122
    Golemsson Username WCD_123
    EVG-KxN Username WCD_124
    HAZZZZzz Username WCD_125
    Xavol Username WCD_126
    Blastofek Username WCD_127
    Wazwazex Username WCD_128

    Once you have got your account details and the name of the tournament account of your opponent, please go into the game, add his tournament account name as a friend and duel against him in practice mode. The victor must then hand in a screenshot IN THIS THREAD of the victory pop-up at the end of your duel.
    Please use this post ONLY for victory screenshots. any other comment or question will be deleted.
    If you do not know what a screenshot is or how to take one and post it on a forum, I strongly suggest you look it up (on Google) now.

    You can use http://www.mmdoc.net/chat/ as a chat service during the event.

    Please remember to read and respect the rules if you do not want to be disqualified

    Good luck!
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    You have until tomorrow 9AM UK time (16/11/2012) to post the victory screenshot for the 1st round of duels.

    If you have sent your opponent a forum personal message (on his regular account, not his Championship account) and have not heard back from him, please contact me before the deadline tomorrow morning and explain the situation to me. If I get no news from your opponent, you will be declared winner by forfeit.
    After that time, both participants will be disqualified by forfeit.

    Thank you,
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    annazaar VS selverin : victory annazaar

    Edit Aza: Noted!
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    Kahirus vs MrGimli32. Winner MrGimli32


    Edit Aza: noted, thanks
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    Mryth01 (WCD_069) vs Ch3rryAC (WCD_001)
    Victory: Mryth01

    Good game!

    Edit Aza: Noted, thanks!
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    Match between Karstou33 and MaximPain : 1-0

    Edit Aza: Noted thanks!
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    Terrocorne vs Kameliasz.

    Victory : Terrocorne

    Edit Aza: Noted thanks!
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    Matrix.disc won against LaskoS07

    Edit Aza: Noted thanks!
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    Pjovejas won against DjTechShadow (WCD_084 won against WCD_027):

    Edit Aza: Noted thanks !
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    boliv4r won Superpapyx

    Edit Aza: Noted thanks !
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