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    I'm wondering, are the replays from the finals avaiable? I looked for them, but could not find it anywhere..
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    Dear Champions,

    The DreamHack Championship is nearly over... In a weird twist of events, 2 of our 4 participants did not get to go to Sweden, so we have our 2 winners but we do not know yet who will be in 3rd and 4th place. As they did not get to go to Sweden, we've decided to add a 50 000 gold prize for 4th place.

    This final match will take place soon and in the meantime, we are please to announce to semi-finals and finales of the "on-line" Championship!

    The 4 finalists for this are:
    • Fortep
    • Wolrajh31 (Tystax was disqualified)
    • Zenithale
    • R3tsa
    Congratulations to you 4 and make sure you keep an eye on the forum as the match-ups will be announced very soon.

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