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    Trouble starting up Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

    I recently bought all of the Assassin's Creed games on Steam, bar III which wasn't even out at the time. After jumping through some hoops to play them, I've been able to play through 1, 2, and Brotherhood, with very few issues. However, I'm completely unable to boot Revelations.

    I'll click "Play" on Steam, and it'll bring up the UPlay window, par for the course. But then I'll click "Play" on UPlay, and it'll synchronize some stuff, the window for Assassin's Creed: Revelations will appear, with a transparent interior, for a split second (If I'm crafty, I can see "ACRSP" pop up in the task manager for a moment as well), then it will disappear, and UPlay will offer me the post-game results window.
    If I try to start ACRSP.exe through the folder it's located in, it'll bring up a window in UPlay which asks me to open the game's info. If I click on said button, I'll get a key prompt, which is curious since I already entered that. I enter my key, and it says it's been used by another account.
    My specs meet and exceed the minimum requirements by a fair mile.

    So after trying every fix known to man and pulling out about 72% of my hair over this, I gave in and turned to this forum's wisdom, hoping to catch the attention of the staff. What's the verdict?
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    For what it"s worth, I had a similar issue with ACR. I kept crashing after UPLAY but before the game started. I went round and round with customer support to no avail. What I ended up doing was resorting to an older video driver for my AMD 7450 and this "cured" the problem instantly. Actually what I did was to remove all of the AMD programs and install just the default driver for the card and the game took right off.

    Good Luck
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    Good news--I fixed the problem, by deleting systemdetection.dll. I was more than disappointed that they tried to replicate the black theme for the HUD from AC1 and failed, but other than that, the game runs like a gazelle with hooves made of butter going down a steep slope covered in liquid soap in the full of a Summer day. Which is to say, as smoothly as my shoddy Assassin-works can go. Still, from the views counter, I'm glad to see the community cares. Cheers!
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