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    Ac3 [spoilers]

    Hello! i play AC3 for ps3 i wanted to ask! i got the special edition with the naval mission but i dont have the mission for naval i done all the secondary but not the main ones but the benict arnolds missions!I finished the main missions and conor has his outfit without the hood(with his new haircut) is it possible to find an outfit with the hood or put it back again? also how do i get the 2 pistols insted of 1? and at the mansion exetp the prisoners outfit with others exist?
    Thanks And sorry for asking much!
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    I take it you mean the Ghost of War naval missions? You need to enter a code in the psn store to download it.
    After finishing the game you can't put the hood back on but there are several outfits you can unlock throughout the game which will have the hood. The closest to Connor's outfit is Achilles' Original Outfit which is unlocked after doing all the Homestead missions.
    To get a second pistol you need to craft the Twin Holsters. For this you need to level up a certain Artisan, i can't remember which one but you can check that in the book in your manor or a General Store.
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    Except the prisoner's outfit there are:
    - Achilles original outfit (Complete all Homestead missions)
    - Captain Kidd outfit (Complete Oak island mission)
    - Ezio's brotherhood outfit (30 Uplay points, it has the hood up)
    - Altair outfit (100% sync, I supose this have hood up)
    - Kanien'keha:ka outfit (collect all feathers in frontier)

    Dual pistols:
    Ok, first you have to get every person in your homestead. then you have to spend time leveling them up by doing the homestead missions until you can craft dual holsters at the homestead manor accountant book. then you go and buy the putnam pistols.
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    thanks guys am doin the missions now! thanks to both of you
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    Hope this helps.
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