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    Assassins creed 3 needs a new patch please ubisoft :) NO SPOILERS

    As i have mentioned before I think that Assassins's creed 3 is an absolutely brilliant game. However that being said they are things that are blatantly keeping me and other people from enjoying the game to it's fullest potential I have previously mentioned the troublesome frame rates which need patched but also there are graphical and gameplay glitches which are also affecting peoples game experience I hope that in a few weeks that this will be a short lived memory with ubisoft releasing a patch to fix these issues I do have faith in the dev team and I can guarantee that any people complaining before, myself included will have nothing to say. I remember watching the e3 footage which blew everyone away and honestly I can't shake the feeling that the released product isn't up to that quality which was shown which is boggling my mind but like I said hopefully this will just be a bad memory and they can get the game to that standard with 1 or 2 patches. good luck!!!
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    They are working on another patch. No ETA yet.
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    Originally Posted by MT4K Go to original post
    They are working on another patch. No ETA yet.
    Thank you for the info I really appreciate it i'm sure it will fix a lot of the problems people are discussing.
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