So basically I played straight through the main story and left all side mission for afterwards.
I been doing whatever quests the artisans are giving me, but none are leveling them up.
I heard a rumor from some friends on Xbox that I HAD to do the missions during specific sequences
in order to level them up...please tell me this isnt so lol. If this is true then in other words... I'd have to make a whole new game file to get these achievements, which seems silly. The older games allowed me to do my sidequests whenever I wanted.

About leveling my assassins, I'm not being allowed to select anymore assassin missions. I completed and liberated all the states in the assassin missions. Only issue is I have 2 assassins who are not max rank. Was this intended? I do remember the older game allowing me to keep selecting missions no matter what.

Also I looked at my DNA tracker and found out that alot of my quests are in RED. Not sure what thats all about.