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    AC3 - Free running through buildings.

    So I'm at the start of sequence 6 (stopped doing story missions for a while to explore the sights!) and I have yet to find a single door or window that I have been able to run through. I keep getting the hint popping up to tell me I can do it but...

    Am I doing something majorly wrong, or do I have to 'unlock' the ability to do this?

    I'm on PS3 if that makes any difference.
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    There are not that many open windows/ doors to run through.
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    Ah really? So it's just a case of getting lucky enough to find one?

    Was really hoping they would be somewhat common (without being overused). That's a shame
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    Just look for an open window or door. I've done it about 10 times now. There's nothing to unlock.
    All it is, is an quick cut scene. You have no control over Connor.
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