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    Norris Homestead mission. (potential spoiler but not really)

    has anybody done this homestead mission for norris when you get flowers, i have gotten the flowers but now when i go back to the destination it is an outhouse and nothing is there? am i missing something?
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    Same. Seems as though this mission is bugged because there's nothing to interact with at the outhouse.

    And it means my gam progress is now halted as I cannot change missions nor can I fast travel until this mission is completed, but due to the bug I cannot complete it!

    Could someone at Ubi please advis whether/when this is being fixed?
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    I was having the same problem.

    Exited to the Animus, talked to the chick nearby, got back in the Animus.
    It put me back at the checkpoint, at the top of the cliff after gathering flowers.
    I climbed down instead of jumping and when I got back to Norris you could Interact with him.
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