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    changing Menu language?!

    is it possible to chance menu language? i have everything on english, even my xbox menu language is english and still i need to read my own stupid language on the AC3 menus and multiplayer.

    so please, a change language option for menus and stuff would be cool or make it chance when you chance subtitles. thanks for listening.
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    same here man, everything is in bloody russian and I can't understand crap, fix it asap
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    expecially when you gotten used to all the kill bonusses or mode names on English i find it very confusing when operating the menu.
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    I can't even do certain mission, cause its written in russian and I don't understand it
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    same here, everything's in hungarian and it's freaking confusing at times not to talk about the all-around bad translations...i don't understand why did they take out the default language, pretty stupid...
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    Please contact Ubisoft support - they should be able to tell you the console settings to check - or suggest other fixes.

    Links are in my signature.

    you could also contact your retailers - and see if they will exchange the item, however maybe best to ask support first, since it maybe an easy fix.
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