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    Assassin's Creed 3: Multiplayer Gameplay Feedback Thread *Possible Spoilers*

    Hello Assassin's!

    Please use the following thread for any gameplay feedback including modes, perks, etc while playing Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer.

    Do not post multiplayer story spoilers of any kind in this thread!

    If you have spotted a bug, please report it directly to Support, if you have other things to say, please check below for a list of threads which may be more appropriate.

    Use this thread to post about what you like and what you don't like about the game, but please do not go into detail about the multiplayer games story line.

    Many people may get the game after release, so do not post any spoilers!

    Please make sure to also report any bugs, issues or code problems directly to Ubisoft Support immediately!


    When you contact Support - please provide them with as much detail as possible, answer all replies from them and answer those requests within 48 hours - to avoid your question being marked as solved.

    The first reply from support maybe a simple FAQ - this is normal - if that does not solve the issue, reply and inform them!

    If for what ever reason your question is marked as solved, remember you have 48 hours to reopen it - please also do not make multiple support requests for the same issue, this may delay support answering you.

    This thread is for general feedback on bugs and is not intended to replace support, or intended to provide feedback based on those bugs in all cases.

    Want to post about something else?

    If you wish to discuss plot or gameplay in detail please do so in the AC Hints and Tips Forum

    If you want to give feedback about the Single Player Gameplay, please post here-
    Assassin's Creed 3 Single Player Gameplay Feedback *DO NOT POST SPOILERS

    Single player Bugs and Issues? Post here-
    Assassin's Creed 3 Single Player Bugs & Issues Thread *Possible Spoilers*

    If you have any Multiplayer Bugs and Issues please post here after reporting to Ubisoft Support.
    Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer Bugs & Issues Thread

    Information from this thread will be fed back to the team, and help they solve any issues, but it's vital you also report directly to support so that they can also report problems and help the team work on solving them!

    There is an Day 1 Patch, which has been released so please make sure your console is connected to the internet for game updates.

    You can find the list of fixes here-
    AC3 Day One Patch Notes

    Thank you for your feedback!
    The AC Forum Team
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    You guys....I'm so friggin PROUD of you. THANK YOU for giving us what the multiplayer always needed to be. You guys actually did it. I was doubtful, but I had my hopes...and you far surpassed them. I'm shocked at how much I just enjoyed my night long first session. Other than a couple matches in a certain half hour time frame where there was some problem with "disconnecting from hosts" (which got me worried, but it went back to normal), it was as close to gaming heaven as it gets. Even the connections feel a little better! But that's probably also to do with the changed mechanics making everything flow smoothly.

    I'm actually even enjoying the game types I never cared about before because it all just works so beautifully in every way, and most importantly, plays fair! It's so nice to for once have my disappointments be from my choices that fail rather than the game failing me. Thank you so much. I love this game....and I havent even enjoyed the single player yet! Can't wait for some more maps too. Even though I wish there had been a couple more at launch, I love that you guys went for quality over quantity...and this gem of a game is oozing that quality all over. I'll be very surprised if this isn't the common winner for game of the year. It's rare games like this being made with care that keep me proud to be a gamer.
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    I appreciate the fact Ubi is trying to make people be stealthier and use new abilities, but I am mostly a MH player. I know a lot of people felt defense was overpowered in ACR, I think it is very underpowered in AC3. With the long cooldown on abilities and the boost cooldowns getting reset if you get one stun in, it is going to be hard to get decent points on defense and furthermore, will encourage the style of play it seemed AC3 was wanting to get away from, constant running. I hope this can be reconsidered and a patch implemented changing boost cooldowns to a number of deaths, regardless if you get a stun or not. Even if the death amount is higher, I believe it will still balance out.
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    So far the match-making is utter garbage. My friend and I can't get a game together. When we finally do get into a game, one of us invariably gets stuck when it says "waiting for leader selection" and one person gets in the game.

    I'm extremely disappointed so far. It's taking us over an hour of trying to get into an actual game together, both yesterday and today.

    Besides lag, it's fun for the most part when we actually get to play.
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    Alrighty let me give my quick little first impressions...

    The positive:

    -Tutorial is WAY improved
    -Whispers toning down music, awesome sauce
    -Merging kill/stun. Makes the game a lot more fun
    -Ambush bonus
    -Characters are 10X better than ACR's
    -Story unlocks are awesome
    -Interface is beautiful (a little confusing though)
    -Alot of new UI stuff, party indicators, Ping indicators, Abstergo Rank, good stuff.
    -Fix to map voting system
    -Smoke on 100 seconds
    -Less game modes.... I actually prefer this
    -New abiltiies actually USEFUL

    The negatives:
    -Lag is still pretty bad
    -Ping indicator I think lies (a guy with green ping canceled my contested kill 3 times)
    -Some kill/stuns not happening (also a lag issue)
    -Matchmaking is still terrible...
    -Still can't leave a match before it starts (WHY!?!?!?!??!?. Ok this is one of my biggest complaints)
    -Map voting system is hidden away... hard for new players to figure out how to do it.
    -New smoke properties... still need to test this in competitive matches though
    -Locking system is still pretty bad..... Locking onto high profile pursuers when I want to lock onto my other pursuer about to kill me! Also locks randomly breaking still exists!
    -Soft lock is still revealing, but it makes more sense now so this isn't really a negative per say.
    -Money bomb is just bad... I'm sorry, but it's a worse version of fire crackers :/

    Things I still need to test:
    -Effectiveness of new abilities in competitive play
    -Just competitive play in general
    -Assassinate... but it seems just as bad
    -Matchmaking with teams/groups
    -Full maps... but from the DM maps I already have an idea on which ones I like.

    Overall: It's better than ACR, but it still has it's own annoyances that ACR had... mostly lag related. I loved how they fixed many ACR problems... but I don't feel like it's completely there yet... Although, I can't make a full judgement just yet, I do like it better, way better, than ACR as first impression.
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    -SP is great so far (Sequence 5).

    -MP freezes before I can even start an intro. session.
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    Erudito Credits can't be bought. At all. Is this a bug? Are you guys even acknowledging that this is a problem?
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    assassin's creed 3 multiplayer, lobby slots

    is it just me or can we no longer invite 8 people to lobbies?
    and if so why the hell would they change that?!
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    game looks cartoony to me. SP is very buggy and froze my xbox in the first few minutes. Played a MP and I can't make sense of the new pregame lobby stuff yet.
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    I've been at a friends for the last day testing out his naive purchase with him!

    Played SP to the 3rd sequence, it is absolutely riddled with bugs. NPC's cloudwalking and Muskets floating in the air at head height, Stepped out of the animus to read emails and Desmond started glitching and appearing in the mail. Not to mention horses heads coming through walls and then freezing/crashing the console!

    Played MP and other than things looking pretty that's about it. Crippling lag, people dodging aerial kills using smoke and yet another awful target locking system. And this is after the 1.01 patch!

    Everything I said over the last few months is proved true by this release... What a broken, lag crippled game I'm so glad I was of enough sense not to give Ubi my money

    I doubt any of this will be patched from here on out. The only thing they've listened to us about is making this thread a sticky, I wouldn't expect anything much other than the usual Ubisoft lip service now

    Seriously Ubisoft after all that talk.... What a joke at the cost of the customer again. Do any of your products NOT freeze up and crash consoles??

    You only need to look at the HUGE bug list fixes to know they were quite happy to shove this on the public already broken and worry about it later and that's what in house testing is all about eh.

    Shameless, and always proving me right!
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