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    Cable dead after playing twice????

    Wondering if anyone has tips or what I need to do to have this addressed. I bought Rocksmith for my PS3 about a week ago. I got home, plugged the cable in to my PS3 and my Strat and loved what I saw, it worked great. I played a few more times over that week with no issues.

    Friday I unplugged my cable and took the cable and disk to a friend's house. We connected his guitar, loaded the game and ... nothing. No sounds detected from the guitar. He has 5 guitars ... Strat, Ibanez, Gibson and 2 others I forget the names of. We tried all 5, we turned up their volumes, we used all pickup settings, we maxed out the tome knobs ... not one note was heard.

    Returning home, I plugged my strat back in and to my expectations ... nothing. I've since even gone so far as to connect it to my PC (Linux) and configure it as an input through JACK. The USB device shows up, it's identified correctly, the volume meters show a minimal background noise but nothing is being picked up from the guitar. I know the config for jack is right because I plug in my PS3 Mic and configure it the same way and all is well.

    I've done enough detailed troubleshooting to be 99.9% certain it's an issue with the cable/adapter. The guitars all work with other amps (including my amplitube iRig/iPad setup) ... the PS3 is working fine.

    Any ideas? Anyone know what I have to do to have the cable replaced? I'm assuming Ubi will make it right.

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    Have you tried unplugging and plugging in the breakaway connector in the middle of the cable? This cable is also very cheaply made so use a USB estension and a 1/4 female coupler (or a pedal that is turned off) to keep the cable from being handled at all.
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    Yep, I've tried reseating all connections, including the break away several times ... I'm positive the cable's dead. Thank you for the suggestion, though!
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    Oh, and there are no pedals, no extensions and no couplers involved, it's straight guitar -> cable -> PS3
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    Sounds like you bent the cable too much on the guitar side plug. That's a fairly common way to destroy a good cable.
    Cut off the old plug and solder on a new plug. Your local guitar shoppe can probably do this for you cheaply, if you
    don't have a solder iron.
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    Wow, pretty bold to assume I ruin my equipment, thanks. I'm a 39 yr old adult who knows how to take care of my equipment. I absolutely did not bend the joint of the guitar plug and cable.
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    I bought Rocksmith and an extra cable for multiplayer. I have had my third cable fail on me in exactly the same way you describe. I have RMA'd the first two (Amazon.com and Best Buy), and have got my fingers crossed for cable three (back to Best Buy). Based on the advice given in prior threads, I treat the cables "like gl****" and never bend them--doesn't matter, they still failed. The original one from the game hasn't failed (yet!). My platform is Xbox. I use the RockBand Squier and a Telecaster, and used the cables interchangeably. I love the game (my playing has gone through the roof since I purchased) but the cables have a very high fail rate.
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    Thanks Scaramouche_b ... I've been reading more and it does seem like a high fail rate. Seems like a bad product (cable specifically, not the game) to be so fragile. I've contacted Ubi ... I don't have the original packaging so I don't think I can return it to Walmart. Last thing I want to do is pay another $30 for a second cable that'll break next week.
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    That's not a bold assumption. If your cable still shows up as USB on your PC, and you can hear faint noises, then that's the most straight forward explanation. Especially playing sitting down, it's not so easy to keep the plug/cable unbent, and in the state of playing one often doesn't notice it bending. That's why I prefer for my guitar cables angled plugs.
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    My comment said you should use a pedal or coupler with the RS cable. Use the USB extension and pedal so you can leave the cable in a coil on the floor. That never moves. Or do what I did and rip the guts out of an RS cable on the USB end and put it into a cheap pedal and just plug a USB printer cable in one end and a guitar cable in the other. The supplied cables are cheap junk !!
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