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    parachutes are disappearing in ACB and ACR


    I don't know whether this is a bug, or some feature I just don't understand, but from time to time Ezio loses all his parachutes.

    In AC:B it didn't really matter to me, by the time I had access to buying new ones, I had enough money, but in AC:Revelation where you also lose money in assassin's missions it's not only annoying to always check whether you still have enough parachutes with you, but as you're always short on money it's also too expensive to refill your parachutes every 2 missions. Does anyone know why this happens in AC:R? Ezio is swimming and soaks the parachutes and thus makes them unusable (would make sense)? Ezio s hit with a heavy weapon and tis also destroys a few parachutes (doesn't make sense but would be explainable) ? A bug like Ezio is going to a special dungeon and the game forgets hat he had parachutes as they are not usable inside the dungeon(would not make sense at all)?

    There is nothing more annoying than jumping from a tower willing to fly a bit and learnng on the way down that there are no longer parachutes in you backpack...
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    Parachutes are glitched in ACR: If you activate them by accident and land less then a second later it still counts as using it up (unlike in ACB), and if you go in a mission where you can't use parachutes they all disappear, It's stupid, I know.
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    Yeah that happens.
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