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    no cd key ???

    hello i buyed rocksmith earlier at my own store today and when i got home i oppend the pakege and wanted to install the game now i cant find any cd key ??? normally its on the backside of my manual or on the inside of the bow but i cant find it nowhere can you help me plz i have bought myself a guitar specialfor this game and now i cant afford this game again i will send u a picture of my reciet and my game and manual is this normal i already sended this to the support of ubisoft but i wanted to know if somebody else has the same isseu and where is the cd key located exacly ?
    grtz from gregmeister666
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    There is one other thread about this.

    I do not know the answer.

    I assumed it would all be registered through Steam. I do not know how that works outside the US.

    You can contact Ubisoft support by using the links in my sig.
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    already did about an hour ago i am shocked never got this before and there is another thread about this its the pc version and its only in belgium is seems o.0 i live in belgium =/ strange odds
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    This is the thread i started earlier someone said to use the serial number of the cable but that didnt work i bought it at game mania Wilrijk
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    Right, so apparently Game Mania thought release would be the 13th.

    So, what's in the box, what can you do ? Is there a CD, can you install it, do you already have steam installed, where does the 'process' stop ?
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    everything ios in the box exept for the registration code it a fault from ubisoft it must be and only in belgium?
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    Originally Posted by gregmeister007 Go to original post
    everything ios in the box exept for the registration code it a fault from ubisoft it must be and only in belgium?
    It's only in Belgium because Game Mania should not have been selling it yet...
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    ow ok but if you have a game are there than like special games like demo copys ? orcant realy explain it =/
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    so the game fairies will magically put a registration code in the box on the 19th? Or is that the stream server wont let them login and register the game until 19th?
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    lol noi called the store back i wil get another copy of the game =)
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