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    Originally Posted by marcoolio_lv Go to original post
    This "PC version delayed for optimisations" is BS. We all know how this "optimisation" turned out for Ghost Recon FS PC players - they still cannot play the game, and it came out in June 26th.

    I am really worried about PC version of AC3. I really want to play it, but it's being ported by the same people who ported ACR and Ghost Recon and both were crap ports. I wonder why those people have not been fired yet. They are worthless!

    If this is how Ubisoft treats their PC costumers, I think we're better off not getting a PC version.
    Anyway, we'll be blamed for everything, because PC gamers ar whiners, pirates and the worst kind of people possible.

    I'll give them 1 more chance. If Ubisoft fails again - sayonara.
    I dont know what do you mean by Revelations, it worked perfectly fine for me and it looks good. + on PC you can tweak your GPU so you can get even better graphics.
    3weeks delay... no big deal, I am glad the game will be released.

    But maybe i am biased because i am not a hater.
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    They probably want to optimize some things (I hope), but its probably just to add some DRM and boost console sales. And when the PC version doesn't do well, they'll blame piracy. But oh wait, what is this, if you go to a torrent tracker you can download the PS3 and XBox 360 versions 4 days before release? Surely it cannot be, only on the PC do people pirate.
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    Originally Posted by RolleRRATM Go to original post
    I dont know what do you mean by Revelations, it worked perfectly fine for me and it looks good. + on PC you can tweak your GPU so you can get even better graphics.
    3weeks delay... no big deal, I am glad the game will be released.

    But maybe i am biased because i am not a hater.
    I remember there were quite a few people having problems. I mean that one big one. On the island there was a place where it always crashed, and You had to Alt+tab out of the game and force it to use only one core. Maybe they managed to fix it by the time You got to play, idk. Maybe You were lucky not to get it. I got my CE a month after release, and it wasn't fixed then. And tbh, it was not optimised that well. AC1 and 2 were optimised beautifully, but with Revelations I had some major FPS drops and my rig is a beast.

    P.S. Anyway, ports made by that team are getting worse every time. I am just hoping they won't drop the ball on this one.
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    I am really saddened by this because I only have a gaming PC and do not intend to buy a console because the PC is already clearly superior in technical prowess and I don't feel that consoles worth the extra money.

    I am sure most PC gamers are like this and delaying the PC release hardly boosts the console sales because PC players do not usually jump to console versions, while console players are not likely to jump onto PC versions, AND EVEN IF THEY DID, it is the same profit for Ubisoft anyway.

    This game is easily my most anticipated game of the year, it's one of the few games I'm buying this year and since Diablo III was a disappointment, I have been saving up and cannot wait to get my hands on AC3.

    Given the extremely long duration the devs had for this game, most of us would expect the extra PC stuff to be ready by release... apparently not.

    To add insult to injury, I was wholeheartedly overjoyed when I read this preview, only to learn later that they did not fulfill their promise.

    GameSpy: So when's the PC release date?

    Ubisoft PR: October 30th.

    GameSpy: Yeah, but when's the real PC release date?

    Ubisoft PR: It's October 30th.

    GameSpy: Uh huh. And can you say that with a straight face?

    Ubisoft PR: You can ask me as many times as you like, but the answer will be the same.

    GameSpy: Very well, let's move on. So, when will you announce the delay of the PC version?

    Ubisoft PR: ...
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    Originally Posted by MrLee95 Go to original post
    Not to mention we don't get any special Collector Editions It's either buy the $60 Retail game or the Digital Download version.

    And before long they also had the special edition with the connor statue on there... It's probably sold out now though...

    Originally Posted by MrLee95 Go to original post
    Complete ********. And lets not forget Ubisoft came out and said that the PC version will come out with the console version at the same time!!
    More lies...
    Its been like this with EVERY Assassin's Creed, so why would they suddenly promise that?
    At least they might have said, doesn't mean it's gonna happen (as usual).

    Originally Posted by MrLee95 Go to original post
    And now I have read that AC3 will have Micro-Transactions!
    That's for lazy people to buy Multiplayer points. You can just play the game and earn those points just as easily. Same as EA did with Mass Effect 3 packs... They're not required so why even rage over this?

    Originally Posted by MrLee95 Go to original post
    Quote from Stéphanie Perotti, “Free-to-play is a very flexible business model. The player has the capability to spend more than in a traditional model.” AKA we can milk gamers for every cent they have with crap that should be in the game free of charge.
    Except, you don't need to buy those things. It just means more Multiplayer points.... Maybe research a bit before you make a ragepost with "should be in the game".
    Also, AC3 isn't a Free-to-Play game. Ubi is looking to make games F2P and use a system like League of Legends for instance... So you already get a free game.

    Originally Posted by MrLee95 Go to original post
    If this is the direction Ubisoft is going, then I want no part of it. Especially when I was looking forward to AC3!!
    And it's really sad that we gamers accept this and let companies walk all over us! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Don't support a company that pulls this kind of crap!!
    Let them lost their PC sales and keep their precious console sales, thats what they want anyways right?
    Your loss really. Ubi is still one of the companies that brings quality to the table (Far Cry 3 upcoming, Anno 2070).

    So, you rather support Activision for an overpriced CoD with following mappacks?
    Or EA, that destroyed the syndicate franchise and now even Medal of Honor?
    Or Blizzard, who messed up Diablo 3 so bad that it's player base dropped like an asteroid?

    What a paranoid crybaby you are. 20 days of extra waiting and you get all crazy and see conspiracies everywhere.
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    I guess I missed something in the posts, but is there actual proof of the delay? I mean someone of Ubi that says its delayed, not some link to non-Ubi news sites that say so.
    Edit: When you click on pre-order one of the pc editions it says: Pre-order Release: 22/11/2012. So for Europe it's now 22 nov.

    I'm not happy with a delay, but I'm still very happy that it's coming out on pc. We do have one ps3, but I play all my games on the pc (would be hard taking turns on 1 ps3 with 2 gamers ). And all AC games worked for me on the pc with a gamepad (ps3). Can't wait for my Freedom edition to arrive!
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    Sony paying Ubisoft maybe?
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    Originally Posted by Glitch1283 Go to original post
    Ubi is still one of the companies that brings quality to the table.So, you rather support Activision?
    Or EA, that destroyed Medal of Honor?
    Quality for PC?, questionable imho. At least Call of Duty Black Ops will be a world wide release on all the major gaming platforms, they don't mess about. Danger Close did a greta job with medal of Honor Warfighter, i'm really enjoying the PC version.
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    Originally Posted by RobYates76 Go to original post
    Well I'm not technically minded enough to know what DX11 is or how it will improve the PC version of the game over the console version, all I do know is that when I was encouraged to pre-order the game back in March of this year we were told that AC3 for PC would arrive at the same time as the console versions, now flashy graphics don't mean diddly squat to me as long as the game is good, what my concern now is that when we PC gamers go into multiplayer we'll have our asses handed to us by a bunch of console players who have had a month to learn how to pull the best moves
    Um. PC gamers don't play against console gamers. We play on different networks...
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    This is unfortunate. Part of the reason I purchased the video card I did was because of the assassins creed 3 deal. Had I known I would've had to wait an extra month at the time of purchase I would've gone with a different video card. Oh well, I am happy with my video card. I just wish it would've been more transparent that I would've had to wait a month, because I'm not about to spend to another 60$ for the 360 version when I "have" the pc version.
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