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    Originally Posted by PranavT Go to original post
    Well maybe PC sales would go up if Ubisoft started treating the PC users better. I dont see Activision, Bioware and EA doing this. Why only Ubisoft? Look at Battlefield 3 for example, No delay and it happened to have so many advances in the field of PC Gaming. They managed to put DX11 in it and a new engine aswell. I think Ubisoft should be able to do it in 2012 if EA managed it in 2011.
    Battlefield was developed by Dice... EA is just another greedy publisher, with tons of slapped together unfinished products.
    Ubisoft > EA in my mind.
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    Originally Posted by RobYates76 Go to original post
    Well I'm not technically minded enough to know what DX11 is or how it will improve the PC version of the game over the console version, all I do know is that when I was encouraged to pre-order the game back in March of this year we were told that AC3 for PC would arrive at the same time as the console versions, now flashy graphics don't mean diddly squat to me as long as the game is good, what my concern now is that when we PC gamers go into multiplayer we'll have our asses handed to us by a bunch of console players who have had a month to learn how to pull the best moves
    There is no crossplatform multiplayer.
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    DX11 is not an excuse.. Like somebody said they had a lot of time to plug it into game.. Ubisoft just don't respect PC Gamers as PS3 or Xbox gamers..
    It's sick and sad that just 6 days to go for PS3 & Xbox while PC Gamers 'll be still waiting and watching gameplays on YouTube.. I promised to myself that i won't see anything about the story because it 'll ruin my game.. It's so sick!
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    maybe the PC version is being optimized and is not gonna be just a direct console port? they may be spending extra time on it.

    which would be a good thing, because most console ports are very poorly optimized and require too high of specs for what they are. always cringe when see a Xbox360/PS3 port that requires stuff like quad-cores/4GB ram/latest GPUs while they still look/perform the same as the console versions, sometimes even lesser. its like... come on, the systems they where ported from are on 7+ year old hardware, why does the PC version need such a beast of a machine to run smoothly (if at all)?

    also, you dont need to spend over $1000 on a gaming PC, that was your choice. you can build them for under $800.

    although, they should have worked on the game for all platforms simultaneously, since other companies get their PC/console versions out at the same time. at least its not a major delay. still is disapointing though.

    and, find it funny when companies blame piracy when it involves PC versions. the console versions are just as easily pirated and are the first game rips you see all over web sites. retail games are far more easier to attain early and leak, especially since console games dont have DRM and its easy to mod a console to play burnt games. you have to go thru more hoops to get a pirated PC game to run.

    dont like when companies blame piracy for low sales, because thats just not right. most people will buy a game if they want to play it, not steal it. the people who steal games are the minority who wont buy a game even if it was $1. the things that effect game sales the most are: reviews, timing of release, word of mouth/hype, how optimized the game is (especially for PC versions), and then we have used games. some people also wait until price-drops to only buy games. its many things, but piracy isnt the major player.
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    This "PC version delayed for optimisations" is BS. We all know how this "optimisation" turned out for Ghost Recon FS PC players - they still cannot play the game, and it came out in June 26th.

    I am really worried about PC version of AC3. I really want to play it, but it's being ported by the same people who ported ACR and Ghost Recon and both were crap ports. I wonder why those people have not been fired yet. They are worthless!

    If this is how Ubisoft treats their PC costumers, I think we're better off not getting a PC version.
    Anyway, we'll be blamed for everything, because PC gamers ar whiners, pirates and the worst kind of people possible.

    I'll give them 1 more chance. If Ubisoft fails again - sayonara.
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    Yes, they did it because we PC players are very big pirates!
    And that's why every console version of AC got out on warez week early including AC3.
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    .....dear God....did they delay it AGAIN? The funny thing is, Steam refuses to put a solid date other than just saying "November 2012", so even they don't believe what they hear, lol. I thought it was supposed to be 23 Nov, but I could be wrong.
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    It's Nov. 20th according to Ubishop. The thread is old :P
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    I canceled my pre-ortder. The main Assassin's Creed page doesn't say or show squat about the PC version release date. Not to mention we don't get any special Collector Editions It's either buy the $60 Retail game or the Digital Download version. Complete ********. And lets not forget Ubisoft came out and said that the PC version will come out with the console version at the same time!!
    More lies...

    And now I have read that AC3 will have Micro-Transactions!

    Quote from Stéphanie Perotti, “Free-to-play is a very flexible business model. The player has the capability to spend more than in a traditional model.” AKA we can milk gamers for every cent they have with crap that should be in the game free of charge.
    If this is the direction Ubisoft is going, then I want no part of it. Especially when I was looking forward to AC3!!
    And it's really sad that we gamers accept this and let companies walk all over us! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Don't support a company that pulls this kind of crap!!
    Let them lost their PC sales and keep their precious console sales, thats what they want anyways right?
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    Originally Posted by Andre_0112 Go to original post
    It's Nov. 20th according to Ubishop. The thread is old :P
    It's November 20th in US and 23rd in UK
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