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    Gear Issues: Guitar Straps and Strap Locks

    Anybody familiar with this issue? Anybody have a work-around? Is there a maker of strap locks that can be easily removed from the strap - ideally compatible with Dunlop strap lock pins so I don't have to change out the pins on all my guitars. . . ?
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    The Truth

    I am also working on a LOXX vs Dunlop login osg777 slot online comparison, but it is not finished yet.
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    Drown your sorrows

    Buy a 4 pack of Grolsch beer and drink. You'll have 2 sets of strap locks that work on all stock strap pins.
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    It's not the cheapest solution I know but I found a supplier of superb quality hand made leather straps in LIverpool England that are cheaper than most suppliers of similar quality and now just buy one of their straps for each of my guitars, fit a Schaller straplock and leave it on there. They also do extra long straps if you like the Keith Richards on the hip 'hang low' style!


    Gorgeous straps and half the price of Andertons etc!

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