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    More then likely T3 has a larger amount of players compared to the higher tiers so you should get less then.

    I get about 25,000 - 30,000 for T2 rewards and it's not so much about the rank you get in that tier but what tier you manage to get.

    You can't spread them out more otherwise the higher tiers would be useless to go for but if they let players see what they can get ahead of time it will help.
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    Hi guys,

    i'm trying to get some valid data to have a more accurate understanding of the rewarding on tournaments.

    can you please post here your "notification" like orz0001 did ?

    if enough people do it in like 2/3 days we should be able to figure out how the rewarding work ...
    Originally Posted by orz0001 Go to original post
    "you ranked 42 out of 593 competitors, which qualifies you for 4th Tier rewards! your share of the Jackpot is 8058 gold."

    and i remember the total gold of Jackpot for yesterday(30.09.2012) was around 1.5 million

    and one friend told me he got like 50k for the 3rd place on the other day

    thats all i know, hope it is helpful
    Ty in advance :-)

    edit : forgot a "0" at orz0001 ;-)
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    you ranked 165 out of 576 competitors, which qualifies you for 5th Tier rewards! your share of the Jackpot is 4219 gold.
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    Originally Posted by ssnurl Go to original post
    you ranked 165 out of 576 competitors, which qualifies you for 5th Tier rewards! your share of the Jackpot is 4219 gold.
    do you know the total amount of the tournament's reward ? even an estimation (like 1.2 / 1.5M ?)

    ty for contributiong btw :-)
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    I think that information about current prize tier should be displayed in the leaderboard.
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    Here is mine from yesterday and the tournament had about a million gold with 6 hours to go:

    I believe T1 is for ranks 1-5 as I have gotten rank 6 and it was a T2 I believe.
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    Rank 17 and 23 give you tier 3 rewards. Anyone knows when tier 2 start? 15 or 10?
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    my result last tournament: ranked 127 out of 480, which gave me tier 5 (3817 gold). sorry, i have no idea how much money was in the pot
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    my results

    yo, here are my results. hope it helps. dunno what was the final amount of money, i logged out when it was around 1,7mil and i was 24 then

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    I have a hunch that lucky numbers are the following, but not sure:

    1 - 5
    6 - 15
    16 - 50
    51 - 100
    101 - 150

    Feel free to speculate. If tier2 is correct, it should be extended I think (someone above mentioned they got tier 3 rewards for 17th and 23th places.)
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