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    Cheat ?

    Hi there !

    I've taken part of both yesterday and today tornaments and I've found something awkward :
    The first player on the leaderboard is still the same guy with, even after only four hours of play, 40 victories and something like 400 pts... It's clearly impossible to achieve this considering a game has an average length of ten to twenty minutes.

    Or maybe there is something i don't know ?

    After a few search for this player aka BearGryllsWTT on Google it seems he behave like this (draw etc) since a little time now... Please do what must be done.

    Draw is abusive : "i don't have a perfect hand, well let's quit and try again !"
    "my opponent has 4 points and i have 166946 !? Let's not play against him not to lose to much if it fails !"
    "I'm playing against an unknown potentially strong player ? Let's DRAW so i can play against my second account which i created only to make wins with my first"

    DRAW IS F##### LAME.

    and yeah that escalated very quickly -_-'

    there should not be any draw when quitting. (but it seems to be in progress so..)
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    Please use the Search option before posting.

    Thank you,

    PS: Closing this.
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