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    release date for PC!!

    First Hi all never posted on here before but i have a question. I have just been informed that the release date for the PC version has now been put back to the 23rd November, Why Oh why i have been waiting for thsi game from the minute i got wind of its profected release and now i find that my gaming sessions planned for the begining of november will be more like the end of.

    Why is that the console gamers get their hands on it before us?
    Dont get me wrong i do play console as well as PC but i much prefer playing the Assassins creed games through the pc.

    Thanks in advance

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    although i do have my theory which is based around the fact that the sales for consoles far exceed that of the pc. but still it shouldnt mean we have to wait an extra 23 days for release. But thanks for the link and the read
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    You´re welcome
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