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    City screen game crashes

    Dear ubisoft team. After updating my game I've very big problem with the game crash. Almost every time when I'm entering the city to build or recruit new creatures game suddenly crashes and need to restart. It's so annoying that playing is actually impossible. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    Any solutions guys? Thanks in advance for help
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    GAME FREEZES while in the city to build or recruit units.

    GAME FREEZES while in the city to build or recruit units. Playing is no longer possible and no one is likely to answer.
    Thank you very much for being USELESS!!!
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    I have the same problem. Does anyone know if we can downgrade to a previous version? Since it appeared only after installing the latest patch I guess
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    Same problem.
    Freezes occur frequent enough that game is unplayable.
    VERY frustrating

    Have tried disabling antivirus and firewall, disabling v-sync and other graphics-card settings nothing seems to help.
    Running game through steam.
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    Hi guys, have you contacted Technical Support?
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    Same problem for me too.
    I've reinstalled the game and only upgrade to the previous patch (1.5.2) and... I couldn't load saved games. So I've upgrade to 1.7 and now I can load saved games but the freezes have appeared again.

    We need a solution!!!
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    During the campaign in Heroes VI it happens annoyingly alot that before i go into a battle the screen goes black and stays that way,i hear sounds in the background as if it is loaded but the screen stays black.

    And half of the time when im in a town the screen somehow freezes when i click on something,the screen just freezes but sounds keep playing.
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    I have. No answer yet.
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    Now before every battle on the map in my campaign the screen stays black.oh and yeh freezes in the town too..game is completely unplayable...if i knew this before hand i wouldnt have bought this game
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    I have the same problem. After uppgrading the game: Random black screens and town screen freezes.
    And I know that it used to work on my laptop, because I played my Dynasty all the way to Platinum Level and finished all but two campaigns.
    Right now I am back to iron rank, since I removed all saves and reseted my campaign progress. Also one of the suggested fixes for this bug, that I found online.
    Sad to say that Istill have the same problems and many hours of gameing down the toilet.
    Otherwise I really love this game.
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