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    Saving issues, STAFF help required!

    I've recently bought asassin's creed II. And it has been working great until now or a few days ago. It doesn't save correctly. It sais it should be saved but it isn't. Every time I log on I've lost all my stuff! This is extremely irritating because I've been putting hours of work just to play this game and it dissapears in a day... That's really not fun. At all! I hope you can fix this issue or I'll require my money back. Sorry. Great game, but it's not saving at all. One of the best games I've ever played. As I've been reading around it seems as many others also has that problem. Fix this as soon as possible. Since this happend I haven't been as addicted as I was to keep on play. Fix it. And make me and many others happy.
    Kind regards David. (Motocross635)
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