[October 25th Update]

Full announcement just posted on the website: http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/gr-portal...t=tcm:6-231-32
Includes information about:

- Double XP until November 1st
- DLCs for PC: Arctic Strike available today (a few hours delay is expected for Steam), a Season Pass is available for those who want several DLCs
- What's inside Arctic Strike
- Title Updates

[October 25th update]

Several announcements coming later today, including a more realistic December release for TU 1.6.
The dev team is really sorry for the delay. The dev team guarantees that this is a major update and that TU 1.6 will be rolled out as soon as possible, once the tests are finished - details about its content and other news available around 6 PM CET.

[October 18th update]

TU 1.5 will be available in a few minutes:

- Graphics improved;
- Compatibility with upcoming DLCs;
- Compatibility with the Ghost Recon Network Competition System;
- Skorpion SMG, GSh-18, Saiga-12 and KARD weapons are now unlockable;
- Friends list issues fixed.

TU 1.6 development is under good progress, to be released in December. (Updated October 25th)
It will include performance and compatibility improvements, online stability improvements, all consoles Title Updates, respec tokens requirement removed and fix for many issues reported by the community. More details on its content and availability to be given next week.

DLCs are on their way, and the wait won't be long.

[September 25 update]

Updated the ETA for TU 1.5 to early/mid October.

[September 21 update]


I have a few insights about the next Title Updates.

- TU 1.5 will be available at the end of September. // updated: early/mid October
- TU 1.6 will be available at the end of October.
- No ETA yet for the XP patch, but the patch is definitely coming. I'll keep you posted.

TU 1.6 will be a major Title Update, with the integration of all the consoles' TUs and free exclusive content for the PC players (hardcore campaign mode + two night variants of existing adversarial maps). TU 1.6 development is already under progress.

Along with the TU 1.5, we'll announce details on additional content for the game.

We'll share a changelog for every title update: several days prior to the release for TU 1.6, on the release day for TU 1.5.

I take the opportunity to remind you that the dev team is looking at the forums on a daily basis to identify the issues some of you have, and we are working to improve the game with the help of your feedback - please continue posting with as much details as you can (DxDiag).

Thanks for your attention, have a great weekend.



A few weeks ago we announced the released Title Update 1.4: this update introduced many improvements in terms of compatibility, performance, graphics, stability, and more. Every day, we continue to monitor the forums to identify issues and to make sure that these will be fixed in future title updates.

We are very aware that some of you still have issues with the game and we would like to sincerely apologise and reiterate that we’re constantly working on further updates. Talking about Title Updates, it took a bit longer than we expected but I’m happy to tell you that the next Title Update is currently under testing and will be available soon: I’ll be able to share more details next week.The development teams are also working on additional content, including a special hardcore mode for the campaign and night variants of two adversarial maps which are exclusive to the PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Stay tuned for more details and thanks for your continued patience.