NOTE: Anything that's in type of a different color (usually blue), is a link to another Internet site. Double-left-click on a link to go to its site.

If you're having problems with URU, you can always start a new topic (click on the + Post New Thread tab at the top of the page) and ask the Technical Help & Advice Forum for help. Especially if you think it's a technical problem, include a Dxdiag report on your system in the new topic. For a how-to, go to Uru: System Requirements and Posting Guidelines and scroll down to POSTING GUIDELINES, To post a DxDiag report.

However, there are other options:

1. For a technical problem, first look through the featured topics at the top of the main Technical Help & Advice page. If you don't find anything there, do an Advanced Search, using as few key words as possible:

-- a. Click on the Search Forum tab at the top of this page, then click on Advanced Search.
-- b. Type in your key word(s) in the Keyword(s): box.
-- c. Under Additional Options, click on the Search in Forum(s): down-arrow to scroll down, and click on Uru Technical Help & Advice.
-- d. Click on Search Now to find topics containing one or more of your key words.
-- e. Open a topic in the search results list by clicking on its title.
-- f. If that topic doesn't help, use your browser's Back arrow to go back to the search results list and try another topic.

If you get a 'The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search:' error, try fewer key words and/or different key words. Think a bit about other words that might be used to describe your problem.

2. If it's a game-play problem (that is, not a technical problem), do an Advanced Search in the Uru General Discussion Forum. Again, use as few key words as possible.

3. Visit the Ubisoft Support Center.
-- First, try Search the Knowledge Base (FAQ), which takes you to the Ubisoft Solution Center's Answers page. Search for your problem using as few key words as possible, and be specific when you select a product and a category.
-- If you can't find an answer that fits, call Technical Support at (919) 460-9778 in the US or look for an International Technical Support phone number.

4. Send a support request/question to a Technical Support Representative using 'Ask a Question'.
-- Click on the Solution Center's Ask a Question tab. You can also check on the status of questions you've previously sent, as well as see your entire question history, by clicking on the My Stuff tab.
-- Log in and submit your question to Ubisoft Support.