View Poll Results: "Do you want to Forsake you Armies" - Do you like it?

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  • Yeah, it is witty and hilarious (Keep it)

    3 42.86%
  • No, i facepalm each time i see it (Exchange it)

    4 57.14%
  • I do not care, because i am here to play, not to beta-test

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    Forsaking your armies?

    Well, i dont find it suiting. "Do you want to forsake your armies?" - What am i supposed to answer if i want to go to sleep?

    Im not "forsaking" them, im taking a break, because i have a life - wasnt it supposed to occur? Its kind of like a little kiddo, nagging and trying to provoke "Ohh, too chicken" or "haha, you dont do it because you cant ! "

    Switch it to something appropriate pls
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    For me it makes no diference what they put there, I already don't read it anymore, I just click OK, if I want to close a game and go do something else I will do that independent of what the game writes... But actualy I think its more fun than something basic like 'Are you sure you want to close the game?'.

    Anyway, best closing warning ever is still the one from Baldur's Gate 2 (when you press ALT+F4 in the game), that is 'Are you sure you want to leave? Boo will miss you....' (Boo is a little pet hamster from a character in the game)
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    I don't like it; it's slightly misleading.
    It gives the impression you're giving up the cards you've recently played with so they won't be there on return. Something similar but less misleading would suit better.
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