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  • I like it leave it where it is does not ruin imersion

    23 28.05%
  • I don't like it Remove it from the screen please

    47 57.32%
  • Move it to surround the minimap

    17 20.73%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    HUD still ruining the imersion level

    The enemy detection really ruins the imersion level iin the game.

    I have previously made suggestion to move the circular enemey detection to Encapsulate the mini-map or simply switch it off.

    What are your thoughts and do you want a more minimal HUD with or without enemy detection

    Please vote you can select more than one option in the Poll

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    cevys's Avatar Member
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    Personally, I don't mind it, I scarcely even notice it's even there. But if I think about it, it would be probably better around the minimap.
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    I would simply have an option to customize the hood and turn it On / Off to suit the players needs.

    Maybe they already have that included, also remember that a there are some gamers that don't want to think - they just want to kill everything on screen and move to the next area without exploring, there is also a small percentage who will want trophy / achievements - then there are those who like to use stealth and not get detected and others who might want to explore every area possible - So they have a lot to cater for really.

    I feel like they have made some changes from the 1st E3 Demo, the indicators don't look as bad and there does not seem to be as much crap on screen - but an option to turn On / Off is the best way IMO.

    Multi Player has me more worried as there is so much on screen and the annoying voice, I really want to turn that off - I think hearing "They took over the fish market" one more time will send me over the edge into Insanity itself.
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    GUN_SABOTUR's Avatar Banned
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    It didn't need changing from Far Cry 2. "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it". And I don't think you have to play it to know what its like.
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    conor122's Avatar Member
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    I thinks its fine, leave it be
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    Originally Posted by Viragoxv535 Go to original post
    That's a trivial question really. I know many are prone to say to take it off but... i think that the product has been developed with that system in mind so probably it will be needed to achieve strategical action throughout the game. I may also be completely wrong but it's too naive to draw a conclusion without first playing the game yourself.
    i totally agree with you.... thats why i left the vote multiple choice because although there is this system or graphical representation of the system the multi player does not have this system... I think it is a good feature but perhaps in the wrong place and distracting.... But it is only my opinion

    @champ..... the multi player does have too much standard team audio it is overkill
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    I don't like it at all. Around the mini-map would be much, much better. Ubi, get it done.
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    TigraPolosatiy's Avatar Member
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    Just give us ability to toggle it. We ourselves will decide what to do
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    Originally Posted by TigraPolosatiy Go to original post
    Just give us ability to toggle it. We ourselves will decide what to do
    Thats the spirit but I am trying to help the game experience for the option to be in game.....From what little infomation there is about I am trying to get a few thngs noticed before it's too late.

    Just give me the cross hair and the minimap....When he is up the radio tower this is the game I want to play it's such a simple HUD and it works I don't mind the subtle xp bar Gun and nullet indicator but no reload icons either please the bullet indicators bar should flash when reload is needed no button propmts it is overkill again.

    The text explaining that the alarm has been triggered I should hear the alarm going off? Totally unneccesary text but a good feature for the hard of hearing... The timer is handy though and probably use of colour co-ordination of red for alert losing the text would be more effective display it is in the right place though and it's position works there. My suggestion put a small icon of the tannoy speaker next to the timer and move it up to the line where the text is and center it getting rid of the text alltogether

    Another thing to note is I found the red dots really annoying above players heads when you tagged them with the camera and then they stayed on them after you stopped looking through the camera.... Another Bad Choice... I mean it's fine while you are tagging them through the camera but once you stop looking through the lens it should be all down to the mini-map from there after....

    Also Enemies you tag should be tagged Yellow until they are on alert for which then they should turn red as an indicator.... If they are not tagged then you should not see them represented on the minimap simple as that until they start shooting at you at this point enemy detection should kick in too around the minimap and tagged on close visual sighting

    I have also noticed you can see silhouttes or shadows of tagged enemies behind walls please no no no... I don't have xray vision do I?

    Survival Guide updated and mission completed Text is fine IMO the button prompt for takedowns and quicktime events are also fine


    Jason Brody is your everyman not a super hero but he has a nano brain like Robocop they forgot to tell you this....

    Basically the HUD is fine if it stayed the same as the footage displaying what it is like up the radio tower (no flying white arrows in the middle of screen like the game wipeout or somthing) with an option to turn button prompts off. All tags should be be displayed on minimap only or in first person view only looking through the lens of the camera and use of colour for alert status get rid of as much text and icons as possible.

    I like the camera lens HUD layout though I think It is cool The weapon selection disc serves it's purpose and This is fine but a quickchange option would be good

    In my humble opinion this is all anyone should need what ever happened to games these days.... Was the wall hack really neccesary I could see it as a good temporary side effect to taking mushrooms (but blurred) but this iteration takes the biscuit.
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    Mini-map and ammunition count, that's all we need. I don't want to know where the enemies are, where's the fun in that?
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