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    Haven seem very powerful...

    From what ive seen Haven seem to be a bit overpowered. Especially with that hero that grants extra actions, haven can nuke the board clean with a word and spam out smaller creatures which are in fact remarkably resilient (moreso with the squires) and potent (especially the cavalry and radiant glories). Maybe im just new but has anyone else got the feeling they are a bit too strong?
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    Vs heavy melee creature decks(like Inferno/Stronghold decks) it looks ridiculously strong, almost like a hard-counter, there is no real way against it except of changing the whole deck conception or pure luck.
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    Certainly playing inferno seems rather weak compared with the other factions I have come up against, which so far has been haven or necropolis, with haven being harder.
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    Haven is not OP. Inferno weak? Don't be silly.
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    every faction has it's strenghts and its weaknesses, the people at Ubi thought this one through guys, it should be balanced...
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    Hi guys,

    Indeed, at a higher level, once you've figured out the strenghs and weaknesses of the different deck... AND once you've sussed out the different tactics you can use for each deck, you'll find that it's all pretty well balanced.

    Nevertheless, we are constantly looking into making it even more balanced overall in order to increase the importance of tactics. So if you have any specific modifications you want to see in game (a card balancing, a new effect on one creature, a different spell cost etc..) please be sure to send us your constructive feedback!

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    Indeed Sanphiel, or whatever his name was, is ridiculously strong in the first few turns, just now I fought one that whipped six units up during his first two turns. I lost that one on his 5th turn I think.
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    I'm a black player, and also in my experience white is very strong. fighting other blacks and reds its ok (green, blue? can't say it seems i always fight only red, black and white??)
    tough black in particular seems to be quite weak and spells.

    that white melee and ranged guard together with the melee heal creatures is one badass combo that is almost unbreakable where you hardly even damage any creature. and the heal all creature is a bit op no?
    where is my black kill/damage all creatures card? on a more serious note, there seems to be no black creature that gives abilities to others.
    black skills seem rather underpowered. all you got on some creatures is that poison stuff...

    also white, blue and red spells shoot around with lighthing, holy light or ice spells that rip your creatures apart very cheaply. for black you only have that 4 cost socery that can kill a creature, no terror, dark banishing or sth like that what i know from the real card game.
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    I am willing to admit that my decks are not very enhanced. However, with inferno the one thing that did strike me was lack healing, both necro and haven get some healing/life steal? spell and mobs that heal. That made it more difficult. However I do not know if I was just unluicky so far or that there is some more higher cardthat do this? does Cauterise exist? maybe not so good, but some?

    However as said not far enough in yet, though I have now both infernal and haven and certainly at the beginning haven feel better.

    Oh and that spell that necro have that kills your card instantly if attack, grrr. lost so many top cards that way, surely that should be maybe 50 0r 100% more damage? (ie 1 hit does 2 dmaage, 2 hit dioes 4) so annoying a 1 hit card destoring my life 8 cards, least this way you need slightly beter cards to kill high one.
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    well in the magic card game red was never about healing. it was about strong creatures for little cost and damage spells. that combined would be way to striong with a healing ability.

    but perhaps there is a white/red special hero that lets you combine both colors.
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