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    After a first go last night im quite impressed. I have a few suggestions however, im sure as I play it ill come up with more!

    -Tooltips for the attributes, eg might, magic, to explain what each thing means on a mouse over to help newer players become more familiar. Took a while for me to work out what the flag thingy was for!
    -Card auction house, havent fully explored the store yet but an auction house or trading house would be quite a useful thing, gold can take a while to accumulate otherwise.
    -Level up bonuses, I imagine they are planned just not yet implemented.
    -Upgrades, combining multiple of the same card/hero to improve the card.
    -Eleonore is too strong!, try limit the amount it can heal each turn.
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    Please let us adjust sound levels, that music is extremely irritating, especially when you keep on losing. You know what I don't think I can play the game at all if it continues to be played. It is the same piece of music without any varitiation. Its annoying
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