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    Player AMITIMANX exploing bug

    Few mins ago I was playing against that player, all the time he was throwing shadow and stone shield, after that he used few times Asha Uses All and I've lost instantly (and I was winning...)
    Here's the picture ,however it doesn't shows how he did this (look at the chat... oh irony..)
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    And today I've met Olvak two times, and both times I've lost couse of exploiting bug that he uses (dunno how)
    Here is SS http://w177.wrzuta.pl/obraz/4JbfVn4L8KD/nocommentoasdas (and again irony... my turn ,he has 4hp and I've got 2x Altar of Destruction...)
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    Hi Blastofek,

    We are currently looking into the reasons why some players get a random defeat and we hope to fix this soon!
    Thanks for reporting this bug.

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    Played now 3games... all lost the same way... Defeat when there is my turn.
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    Played few games more and I know what's bugged: Garant's Purge. 2 turns later after use I've instant defeat. Please fix it.
    Tbh I was sure that they are using a bug but now I know that It was me.
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