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    Advanced Sniping

    The overflow of "Noob Sniper on Overpass Vol.III" posts compelled me to share some knowledge with fellow Scouts, both veterans AND newcomers alike about Sniping in Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

    I will not discuss bipods, sights etc. or the usual tips and tricks....the key word here is - 'Advanced'. I will discuss Sniping SOPs, Map based Sniping practices, Optical Camo, Mining and some fatal errors that I see a lot of people make while sniping.

    I'd like to declare beforehand that I will be doing Cargo and Overpass first, since these are the most Sniper friendly maps. I may move onto Sandstorm and Mill if the thread grows in size.

    I. Sniping SOPs:

    1. Change Position Post Kill: This is a painfully obvious tip but what is more painful is to see Enemy Sniper #44 pop his head out from exactly the same area where he first shot me. #44 then has some invasive surgery done to his head.
    This is a golden rule in GRFS. The game has a Killcam. The Game has small, asymmetric maps. The Game has obvious Sniping nests. This means that you WILL be detected and some one will come in for the revenge kill.
    And by 'Changing Position' I don't mean - "Shift from right side of cover to left side of cover"
    Move into a different area.

    2. Mine Flank Routes: Doesn't matter if you are packing Clays or Stuns....MINE the most likely traffic/flanking routes. Believe me after 3-4 kills...people WILL be gunning for you.
    It shocks me to see that Snipers don't mine their nearby areas. It doesn't matter if you're safe and away from the battlefield....Mine your flanks. I have had the pleasure of a few free kills, flanking and shooting unaware enemy Snipers

    3. Cloak Up BEFORE Popping Out of Cover: This, again, is a painfully obvious tip which I hate re-iterating but frankly not enough people are doing so. You stand out clearly with the ripple-electricity effect. Unless you like being a Freekill...don't do it. Cloak up...pop out. Simple.

    4. Eyes On Flanks: Make sure your Sniping nest has eyes on the majority of the routes to your position. As a Sniper you will be an excellent target for data hackers. There have been countless instances when I have caught enemy Zaitsevs sitting in a lone corner....scoped up..looking at a narrow corridor. Data Hacks follow.
    Never ever ever ever never ever set up on a location that has you exposed on more than 2 fronts. You WILL die or worse, get hacked.

    5. Smoke Masks Movement: Always use smoke when making a risky maneuver. I have 2 Lvl 50 Scouts (one is a 48 actually but who cares) and I have hardly ever seen Snipers use smoke to mask their movement. Instead you see them crouch walking with Aug Camo *Facepalm.
    Smoke - Move - Smoke - Reposition.
    The Smoke provides a great barrier to set yourself up for a shot BEFORE an enemy Sniper takes you out. Doing so allows you to get a bead on the general location and makes taking out entrenched snipers easier.


    Obvious Sniper Position is Obvious: (Overpass)

    The following image is NOT how you Snipe on Overpass -

    Pictured Above: Dead Snipers (Image Courtesy - LMate and Rage0329)

    The Catwalk (Ghost Spawn) and the Collapsed Bridge (Ghost Spawn) are the most obvious and the most useless Sniping positions on that Map. If you spawn here....a competent enemy sniper will kill you, enemy troops will avoid movement in the main street and you will add absolutely **** all to the team.

    The two massive signs are a favourite with Snipers and I get so many kills here that it is ridiculous.

    Why are they bad?

    (a) They provide a commanding view of the map - hence people will obviously suspect a Sniper to be there
    (b) The commanding view works both ways
    (c) The positions are SO far back that you will not be able to support your team
    (d) Snipers scoped in up there get a case of the tunnel vision and lose all perspective of the "FLANK"
    (e) A competent squad WILL spawn trap you there. At spawn trapping ranges....your rifles are useless.

    Lesson: Avoid the obvious sniping positions FFS.

    Unpredictable Sniper Position is Unpredictable: (Overpass)

    This ties in with the point above.

    Look at Overpass and what do you see?:

    Pictured Above: Doing it right...sorta

    See the vehicles? the Pole stand concrete block...with the Engineer leaning on it? That is where your Sniping nest should be. STREET LEVEL!

    Snipe on Street level
    On either side of the map (both team spawns) you have several excellent Street level sniping positions. Cars, concrete blocks and stalls that provide excellent approach coverage AND cover from enemy Snipers up on the Catwalk and the Bridge.

    See the bigazz Semi parked in the middle of the map? that screens you from counter-sniping.

    Why Street Level?:

    (a) People don't expect a long range killer on street level - they are looking for you up on the aforementioned obvious sniping positions
    (b) Has a lot of Cover. Provides you great opportunities to move around and forward.
    (c) You can keep eyes on both avenues of approach
    (d) If spawn trapped - you can bust out a squadmate with a forward spawn point
    (e) You become a great forward spawn point if you move up.
    (f) While Countersniping you can easily switch positions from one cover to another - Unpredictability being key.

    On Cargo:

    Due to the extremely long engagement ranges.....it doesn't matter where you are. On Cargo the obvious spots are the best ones...but that doesn't mean we can't spice things up.
    First and foremost....Mine your flanks. The ship has an underbelly of routes to your spawn and people can be creative sometimes.

    The optical camo is fail here. You can easily see any cloaked sniper....DO NOT RELY ON THE CAMO HERE. It can be seen easily. I have shot people through smoke as well in the game thanks to them being silhouetted by it (visual glitch).

    Never pop UP from cover...pop Sideways from cover. Popping up is like shooting guys in Gunsmith....a nice shiny silhouette against the vast grayness of the map

    Breath clouds: This is the most important thing to consider on this map. Your breath clouds are a dead giveaway and to a trained eye they can be easily identified over the ambient puffs of mist. It doesn't matter whether you're cloaked or in cover...breath clouds WILL give you away.

    When you are on the edge of the cover (i.e. when you can peek out) your character gives off a puff of mist periodically and this stands out....as the other guy can see the cloud clearly and if it comes from an edge in cover. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is a Sniper over there.
    I have personally scored countless kills thanks to this giveaway and people's ignorance of this simply astounds me.

    How to counter it?

    The puffs are periodic. When near the edge of cover look AWAY from the edge-side. Your character should be facing AWAY from the edge yet still at the edge. When you spot movement...pop out and take the shot.

    Dominate, Set up and Deny: when you first spawn into the map....the objective is to deny enemy snipers any oppurtunity to set up and countersnipe you. The core factor at work here is a stable firing position. First shots are the decisive ones. Your first shot should be a lethal one (hint: aim for the head)

    The way to go about is to select the most commanding position that has a clear LOS on the other team's approaches and setting up with a Bipod. The aim is to get a stable firing position and a clear view to assure that first killshot...the key to Sniping in Cargo is DOMINANCE

    What do I mean by Dominance?:
    Well it means reaching a firing position which overlooks a lot of the avenues, approaches and all the enemy Sniping locations in the map AND setting up there. By setting up I mean deploying in a stable firing position - Bipod.
    Now many will be opposed to a bipod...but trust me...with a Bipod set up and a clear LOS to the enemy sniper routes....you WILL win every duel because of your ability to get off that first killshot.
    It means that once you're in position, you're able to observe enemy Sniper/troop movement and fire accurately BEFORE they can scope in and return fire accurately.

    The primary concern is denying the enemy sniper a position of his own and gaining supremacy. After getting attaining dominance...it won't matter whether you are hidden are not. Once you have set up and have dialed in.....you are in a superior position during the duel

    Since you have LOS on the enemy sniper's approach route....all you have to do is to follow the white puffs of mist, wait for him to pop out and take a shot (which thanks to the inherent inaccuracy of snapshooting in the game, will not hit you). You on the other hand are already set up with the bipod and are sure of a stable, accurate shot which ideally should be lethal.

    Regarding aiming, a lot of Snipers tend to shoot the upper torso, thinking they scored a headshot.

    This is where you SHOULD shoot for a perfect headshot:

    Pictured Above: A poor MS Paint job

    Why Aim there?

    Because most of the time you will be shooting at Snipers HEAD ON. That means his Rifle will be up and covering the lower half of his head. The game registers this as a hit to the arms or the torso. The round, technically, impacts with hands.
    To avoid this, aim at the zone up from the nose till the tip of his hat/cap.
    This is especially important because when a Scout is cloaked you can't make out much, especially at longer distances. So aim higher on the head.

    You will notice that a lot of the Sniping rules differ from Cargo to Overpass....this because Cargo is a very different map when it comes to the visibility, ranges and terrain with regards to Sniping.
    Different maps require different Sniper tactics. But the SOP still apply here.

    III. Strategies:

    Aggressive Sniping:

    Aggressive Sniping involves the Sniper moving forward with the team and being closer to the frontlines. The Objective here is to get up close to the enemy approach routes, spawn point or infiltration zones and constantly hammer at them all the while being a forward and mobile spawn point for your squad.
    This strategy works best when with a team of friends and is aimed at trapping the enemy forces and hindering enemy movement.
    NOTE: This is most effective when you are aiming for objective based gameplay.....not the best for Countersniping.

    Aggressive Sniping requires the following:

    (a) Sniper Nest being close to the action. An Aggro Sniper should ideally be placed not more than 60-80 meters from the enemy side
    (b) The Sniper should have a clear LOS on the enemy exit routes from their spawn
    (c) The Sniper should Mine prospective approaches towards the objective
    (d) The Sniper should have at least 2 fallback nests as people WILL come after him (#1 SOP)
    (e) The Sniper MUST ensure that he survives so as to spawn his teammates
    (f) Check the Killfeed to see if your teammate has been killed...if so prepare to spawn him (Stop combat operations for a while and keep a low profile..or move away from the combat zone to a safer area)
    (g) Equip a medium range, rapid fire Sniper rifle - SRR/VSS

    As you can see the bulk of the work is done by harassing the enemy with sniper fire and providing a mobile/forward spawn point. Being a Spawn Point is invaluable as the recycle rate is halved if you're already way ahead of your lines. You can save a lot of time by being a spawner and allowing your team to get back into the fight with little time lost.

    On Overpass:

    The best way to go aggro on Overpass is to set up somewhere on the halfway zone of the map near the Semi.

    The above positions allow you to:

    - Keep an eye on enemy movement towards the Market and Main Building
    - Provide a spawn point close to the very important Main Building
    - Mine the approaches in Shanty Town and Market..and then pull back to your nest
    - Remain undetected by enemy snipers on the Catwalk/Bridge
    - Keep an eye on any flankers approaching the Petrol station

    On Cargo:

    The best positions for aggressive sniping are on either side of the map and are relatively close to the central area. This allows you to lock down one flank completely (provided you're a good shot)

    The above positions allow you to:

    - Keep an eye on enemy movement towards the pits and the objectives
    - Lock down one of the flanks
    - Provide an alternate angle for countersnipers
    - Mine the underground networks leading to the pit

    However, since you're blind from one flank....drop Aggro-Sniping if you don't have teammates on the other flank as well.

    Defensive Sniping:

    This is the Sniping you are all familiar with. Hanging back, picking off enemy troops. The objective here is to focus on kills rather than the objective. If you are paired with randoms, getting hammered, faced with enemy sniping (competent) and want to kill a defensive approach is your best bet.

    Not surprisingly, the rules to defensive sniping are covered in the SOPs. The key however lies in positioning since more often than not you will be faced with countersniping.

    As usual avoid the obvious sniping nests and keep moving between your positions, when in Overpass and in Cargo...go for dominance and mining.
    Since you most likely be engaging at longer distances the long range semi-autos or the bolt action rifles should be just fine.

    IV. Optical Camo:

    Optical Camo is often misused, as I have observed, by many players. Players have a tendency to think they are invisible when in fact they are just camouflaged. This leads to them making this error:

    They are being Sniped at. They duck back into cover....maybe wait for the OTR detection to wear off (if the enemy sniper is using an OTR) and after cloaking they pop back out of cover thinking themselves to be invisible...if not from the exact spot then from the other end of the cover...failing to realize one thing:
    The enemy sniper has a high powered optic dialed in on your last known...he KNOWS what to look for now.

    Guys, the camo is just that - "Camouflage"

    Regardless of its cool Predator like effect...it works on the same principle as your standard military camo patterns - making the human silhouette less recognizable by blending the user with the background.

    Against an unaware rifleman...moving towards you...with you hiding towards the side...you are invisible. His eyes have not picked up on the usual signals and geometric shapes that define an enemy form...thanks to the camo allowing you to blend in. BUT if he realizes what he is looking for....he will pick you up easily.

    A Sniper gunning for you know what to look for.

    Here's a quick video about the Camo's effectiveness, Courtesy of B3ANTOWN B3AST.

    NOTE: Notice the Puff of breath in the Cargo Map and in the Rig Map?

    You will notice that the Camo is effective in certain situations:

    (a) When Background/Surrounding is of a uniform colour, texture or pattern
    (b) When Background is of uniform colour but has complex patterns (vegetation) which break up the silhouette
    (c) When the Camo is exposed to bright light - it is hard to notice isince the sheen is not visible

    So, when Camo'ing up, keep in mind the following things:

    Make sure that your background or surroundings do not have straight geometric patterns, different colours or signs/symbols as the distortion created by your cloak will surely give you away. Crouched in a bush will do you know good if your upper body is skylined against a dull background of surrounding buildings
    A background of uniform visuals (Same colour/pattern etc.) is a better bet as your cloak will be better at blending in with it...hiding your silhouette from the eyes of the enemy players.
    NOTE: A solid uniform background does not hide the silhouette lines of your character completely at close ranges.

    Mixing and Match Your Hiding Spot:
    Your camo is best at breaking up your recognizable form. Hiding between two objects with distinctive visual patterns is a great way to remain undetected.
    Hiding between an area in shadow and an well lit area
    Hiding half in vegetation and half in the shadows
    Hiding with contrasting backgrounds

    all of the above help keep your form unrecognisable.

    This is extremely important when camo'd up. Remember to keep in mind that hiding your silhouette is key when using the camo. The point is to be seen but remain unrecognised.
    Watching your silhouette entails making sure that you don't pop UP from Cover. Move sideways. A figure standing up taking aim is extremely recognizable regardless of your cloak. A figure off to the sides of cover is less naturally recognized and has a higher chance of being unnoticed.

    Make sure that you don't just go prone in the middle of a bush. Remain slightly to the sides and behind to not give the enemy a blurry figure sitting in the bush...thats where everyone will look. Move off to the side to break up the green with some light brown background

    Be Aware of Your Surrounding Geometry: This is as important as backgrounding. You need to be aware of the light levels, shadows cast and level geometry around that could give you away.
    A ledge may be casting a shadow that is outlining your leg
    An edge of a balcony may be defining your silhouette
    All of this won't come naturally...but from experience. Check out your Killcams to see how you looked to the enemy to correct your mistakes.
    This is an extremely trial and error based process.

    Use the Shadows and the lighting to your advantage. Camo in the shadows does a good job of hiding you at a distance, but it works best when in the light.
    This may seem counter-intuitive but the suit has a gloss and a sheen to it. Hiding in bright areas, with a lot of light exposure concentrated in one spot has been proven effective. Such situations are few and far between but make use of them whenever you can.
    Like in the points mentioned above...mix and match your hide with shadows and light....half in and half out.

    NOTE: Your shadows are visible when you are prone and your cloak picks this up. Often you can detect enemy snipers by their own shadows wich have been amplified by the cloak itself

    Augmented Camo:
    Is good for those minute adjustments you want to make while in your nest...but not meant for moving around all over the map. It will get you killed. Use the Aug Camo to stay cloaked for extended periods in your nest...but when you have to move...Double time it.

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    Very nice post. Great work. The forums need more threads like this!!! Thanks
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    Originally Posted by neqtan1980 Go to original post
    Very nice post. Great work. The forums need more threads like this!!! Thanks
    Thank you, Neq.

    Given the amount of hatred generated towards Snipers....I had to make thread

    After seeing that screenshot of those 3 snipers perched up there (50% of that team's firepower!!) I had to take some steps to try and improve the Sniper community. I plan to do some more in-depth tutorials regarding Defensive Sniping, Camo, Stealthy movement and other Sniping maps. Will update the OP......in the meantime I'm planning to cook up another thread on the following:

    Situational Awareness - a Thread discussing how to be aware of the battlefield at all times using things like the Kill feed, Tac Map, tripwiring and firefight following.

    Defence: Holding a line - tactics to effectively hold onto an extended position and keeping the enemy at bay.

    Standard Communication Protocols - A thread discussing non verbal comm techniques to facilitate communication between randoms or friends without mics.....just standard communication techniques using in game mechanics (coordination dial and marker) to create a preset of simple messages...and what to do f you do get one.

    Holy crap am I ambitious or what...
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    Very nice thoughts and thread ideas. It seems Beantown Beast is unreachable right now. Me and him were going to team up and work on some ideas of this nature as well. I was working on some side projects that has my efforts elsewhere. But I think the forums need much more of this kind of involvement. Good show.
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    Originally Posted by neqtan1980 Go to original post
    Very nice post. Great work. The forums need more threads like this!!! Thanks

    I was trying to sharpen up my Scout rifle work. These greats pointers and tips are extremely appreciated. Couldn't figure out good locations to setup up shop. Thank you shobhit7777.
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    Originally Posted by Disciplined187 Go to original post
    I was trying to sharpen up my Scout rifle work. These greats pointers and tips are extremely appreciated. Couldn't figure out good locations to setup up shop. Thank you shobhit7777.
    No problem, Disciplined, I'm glad I could help. Best of luck setting up your sniper.

    On overpass, the SUVs are a great place to set up on either side, as are the cars. You can watch the enemy moving into the urban area from there while safe from enemy snipers. Also keep in mind that people taking cover behind cars leave their feet and legs exposed....shoot them. It takes 3 rounds to kill them. I have scored a lot of kills that way...the best part is that your target is perplexed as to where he is being shot from.
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    I had been using the MSR but I had the idea of trying out the m110 again, I had stopped using it because with the silencer it had no damage, and I also equipped the stun gun because the damage with regular pistols wasn't good enough. So I started the match on market and I ended up going like 18 and 8 with 4 or 5 data hacks. It was sweet, the was a couple times I flanked and ran up behind 2 or 3 enemies and stunned them, I couldnt choose who I wanted to data hack. I realized I'd rather use the m110 and double tap than have 1 shot to kill an enemy before he killed me.
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    I see you're representing the snipers Shobhit. Very nice, it's about time somebody let people know how useful sniping is and how valuable it is when done properly. Hopefully, this thread will stop some people from TK just because they're getting aggravated at the game and want to take it out on poor ol mister scout sniper person... Guy.
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    Originally Posted by Lunytunes Go to original post
    I see you're representing the snipers Shobhit. Very nice, it's about time somebody let people know how useful sniping is and how valuable it is when done properly. Hopefully, this thread will stop some people from TK just because they're getting aggravated at the game and want to take it out on poor ol mister scout sniper person... Guy.
    Somebody has to.

    The way the complaints are pouring in...our community needs to wisen up otherwise there'll be nothing but Team killing. I was shocked to see the pic above with the 3 snipers on the bridge. Usually if my team already has a Sniper who is doing OK...I switch to an SMG scout...I can't imagine why 3 guys would post up there...3!! that's literally half the team.

    I'm not the Sniper they deserve..I'm the Sniper they need. LOL
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    Good shtuff, Shobit. And i am surprised i haven't read about the "frost breathe" before, i remember first playing cargo with my rifleman, trying to be a little more sneaky due to the cover, and getting pissed i could see my breathe, then i understood that i could see the enemies, and that helped me take out quite a few snipers on Cargo. I HOPE more people read this and take a few peices from it, because if they do, than maybe, JUST maybe, i could tolerate the randoms a little more when they want to be sniper leets.
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